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You Have To Try These *Life-Changing* 2021 Korean Makeup Trends

Look and feel like a K-pop star!
2021 K-beauty trends
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When it comes to make-up trends, there's a looooot to discover in K-beauty. The once loved blocked eyebrows and gradient lips have made way for newer and more refreshing make-up looks. You have probably seen some of these K-beauty trends on your fave K-drama and K-pop stars!

Want to know what’s hot in the K-beauty world RN? Check out these six must-try makeup trends:

1. Mirror skin 

We have all heard of glass skin (and tried to up our beauty routines to achieve it!), but South Korea is ahead of the game! They have moved past the iconic glass skin trend and are now flaunting mirror skin. What's the difference? Well, glass skin refers to skin that is so clear, it sparkles. With mirror skin, your complexion is glowy which makes your skin reflective. Products that help achieve mirror skin would most likely contain niacinamide, as it is a brightening ingredient that combat dullness, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. We all know the trick to a perfect make-up look is having a good base and skincare is the most important step


2. Mask beauty

Now that everyone is wearing masks, make-up has felt a bit like a drag since, well, people only see half of your face. South Koreans now are rocking a trend called “????,” which means “foundation-free.” Instead of wearing foundation, they opt for blemish-covering BB cream or tinted sunscreen. They go for natural-looking textures and complexions rather than almost-perfect, touched-up skin. . One reason is that people don’t get to see the entire face, while another is that most Korean base products focus on glowy complexions. The hydrating formulas are easily transferable to things like masks, which could ruin the whole look.

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3. Blush, blush, blush!

You haven’t heard? Rosy cheeks are SO in! As mentioned, Koreans are now loving a healthy, natural-looking complexion. Blush allows the skin to look even healthier and provides a pop of color on a plain base. You know, it just helps like skin look oh so radiant! While most people like the classic pink blushes, other warm tones, such as red and coral, are also enjoying popularity in South Korea. Most people go for a soft blush, with the product spreading from the cheeks to the corners of the eyes. Others also add a little ~boop~ of product to their nose, just for an extra touch of cuteness!


4. Under-eye glitter and studs

The eyes have slowly become the center of K-beauty: While people used to focus on BB cushions and gradient lips, they're now are adding sparkles, glitters, and even studs to their eyes. You may have noticed your favorite K-pop idols wear glitter under their aegyo-sal (puffiness under the eyes). Nowadays, Korean make-up artists are going all out with studded diamonds, beads, and jewels. This look was MADE to catch people’s attention!


5. Dark, vampy lips

While the K-beauty trends used to favor light-colored lips, that has since changed. With the rise of girl crush K-pop concepts and Western beauty becoming more common in East Asia, rocking a dark lip is now a fan favorite! Bold lip colors, from deep pinks to gothic browns, have seen a rise in popularity in South Korea, and it does not appear to be stopping anytime soon.


6. Natural eyebrows

Back in the day, the popular K-beauty trend was the straight eyebrow look. People would strive for archless brows. Nowadays, however, more natural brows are what’s in! People are simply brushing their brows with brow mascara and filling the gaps with a brow pact. Some would darken them occasionally to frame their faces better, but would still keep their natural shape. No more blocky eyebrows this year!


Which 2021 K-beauty trend will you be trying out? Let us know in the comments section!