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Here Are The 10 Makeup Trends We Loved In 2019

Let's take a trip down memory lane.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/antheabueno; (right) instagram/mikkamarcaida

2019 is *finally* coming to an end, and we're so excited for the new year and all the makeup trends it will bring! But first, let's revisit the beauty looks that we saw in the last 12 months. Join our trip down memory lane and let's reminisce the lewks that took over our Insta feeds:

  1. Colored eyeliner

    Black and brown-colored eyeliners took a backseat as their colored counterparts took center stage this year. It def made our MOTDs look more interesting!

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  2. Bold lipstick

    This year, we loved ~bold~ lipsticks—they're all you really need, TBH.

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  3. Bronzed, sunkissed look

    This was the year we strived to look like we spent a weekend frolicking on the beach sans the sunburn. Bronzer was our best friend in 2019!

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  4. Winged eyeshadow

    2019 was the year we combined our eyeshadow and eyeliner. If you're looking for a makeup look for this season's festivities, the winged shadow would be your best bet.

  5. Glass skin

    If we couldn't score the highly-enviable lit-from-within look through ~good~ skin, we faked it with copious amounts of shimmer instead! 

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  6. Monochromatic makeup

    As multipurpose products became more popular, so did monochromatic MOTDs. It was the *fastest* way to look put-together with minimal effort. In fact, we're calling it already—the monochromatic look will still be huge in 2020!

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  7. Bushy brows

    A few years ago, we were all about Instagram brows, aka overly made-up kilay that (we now realize) wasn't a cute look. This year, we just let our brows do their thing—we groomed them while still retaining their natural shape and thickness. 

  8. Juicy lips

    It's official, gloss was trendy again this year. No longer the sticky lip product we used to slather on our pout back in high school, newer formulas had more ~*innovations*~ that allowed our puckers to look plump sans the tackiness.

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  9. Bold eyeshadow looks

    While we still loved our usual warm colors, we started experimenting more with brighter, more eye-catching shades. 

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  10. "Fresh lang" MOTD

    This year, "less is more" was our motto. We absolutely loved the "woke-up-like-this" look and we were constantly trying to copy the flawless MOTDs of our fave celebs!

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