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Matipid Girls Will Love These Multipurpose Makeup Products Under P350

PHOTO: Instagram: colourette.cosmetics; dearselfbeauty

Have you ever thought about how much you've spent on makeup? Is the amount kind of alarming? Well, if you're dying to create new looks but are worried about how much it would cost, then multipurpose products are your best bet. With just one product, you can achieve on-trend monochromatic looks. Aside from saving your hard-earned cash, it also takes up less space in your kikay kit—most of them can even fit your pocket. 

Convinced that multipurpose products are the way to go? Here are the affordable multipurpose products that matipid (be it with cash or space) girls would definitely love:

  1. Careline Multi Pot

    Ways to use this product: Lip and cheek tint, eyeshadow

    I'm sure that most of us began our makeup journey with at least one product from Careline. The drugstore brand's latest cream multi-pot boasts a blendable, long-lasting formula that can serve the ~sun-kissed lewk~ you're aiming for.


    Careline Multi Pot, P165, Lazada


  2. Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Nudish Collection

    Ways to use this product: Lipstick, blush, eyeshadow

    ICYDK, Sunnies Face’s internet-famous Fluffmattes are more than just lipsticks—they’re actually multipurpose bullets that are creamy enough to be used in different parts of your pretty face. Their newly released universally-flattering nude shades are fit for every occasion.

    Sunnies Face Fluffmatte in Casual, P345, Lazada


  3. SkinPotions Glam Pocket

    Ways to use this product: Lip and cheek tint, eyeshadow, highlighter

    Housed in this v cute '90s-inspired packaging (major Polly Pocket vibes!) are two products: A pressed multi-pot tint and a cream highlight shade. Imagine all the ~pretty lewks~ you could create with just this tiny box that fits right in your pocket.

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    SkinPotions Glam Pocket, P349, Lazada


  4. BLK Cosmetics Shimmer Jelly Multi-pot

    Ways to use this product: Eyeshadow, highlighter

    In the mood for a dewy look? Spread this shimmer jelly on the high points on your lids and the high points of your face to achieve your "fresh lang" makeup peg.

    BLK Cosmetics Shimmer Jelly Multi-pot in Pink Pearl, P349, Lazada


  5. Colourette Cosmetics Colourtints

    Ways to use this product: Lip and cheek tint, eyeshadow

    Colourette's iconic chubby nail polish-esque bottles contain a blendable, long-lasting tint formula that comes in over a dozen pretty shades. These tints are the key to the monochromatic makeup look of your dreams!


    Colourette Colourtint, P249, Lazada


  6. Dear Self Beauty Clay Blush

    Ways to use this product: Blush, eyeshadow, lip tint

    Aside from providing you with gorgeous monochromatic makeup looks, this clay multi-pot also doubles as skincare: It’s infused with argan oil to keep your complexion plump and moisturized.

    Dear Self Beauty Clay Blush, P249, Shopee


  7. Luna Organics Clayblush Stick

    Ways to use this product: Blush, eyeshadow

    At first, you'd think this stick can only serve as a blush. But did you know that it can actually double as your eyeshadow? Just use your fingers to apply the creamy pigment on your eyelids, and you’re good to go!

    Luna Organics Clayblush Stick, P220, Shopee


  8. Smink Beauty Balm Shells

    Ways to use this product: Blush, eyeshadow, lip tint

    This clay pot may be tiny in nature but this highly pigmented balm sure carries so much power!

    Smink Beauty Balm Shells, P180, Shopee



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