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2021 Makeup Trends: The 7 Prettiest Eye, Cheek, And Lip Ideas

These looks are going to be everywhere, just sayin'.
2021 Makeup Trends

IDK about you, but one of the things I'm most looking forward to in 2021 (besides a safer/healthier/more peaceful world, obviously) are some fresh, new makeup trends. I mean, I can't be the only one who's sick of seeing the same yellow eyeliner and glittery eyeshadow all over their feed, right? (Right.) So to help you get ~inspired~ to switch up your look and try something new, I've rounded up the makeup trends that are going to be legit everywhere in the new year. From bold red lipstick to brightly colored lashes, these are the seven 2021 makeup trends you need to know about.

  1. 2021 Makeup Trend: Red-Orange Lips

    Good news! Lipstick is going to make its long-awaited comeback in 2021. The trendiest color to wear? Bold red lipstick with warm, orangey undertones in a matte finish. Bonus points for pairing it with flushed cheeks and fluffy brows.

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  2. 2021 Makeup Trend: Electric Blue Eyeliner

    The bold, graphic eyeliner trend isn't going anywhere (trust me). Go ahead and swap out your regular black liquid eyeliner for a bright blue one and use it to draw a crisp cat-eye, then tap a tiny bit of shimmery pigments on your inner corners to brighten up the whole look.

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  3. 2021 Makeup Trend: Lavender Eyelids

    Purple eye makeup is about to have a serious moment people. DIY a smoky eye and sweep a darker purple shadow on your lids, all the way up to the crease, and then blend a shimmery lavender shade along your lash lines and inner corners.

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  4. 2021 Makeup Trend: Peach Lips

    Soft, easy, and supremely wearable—the peachy lip trend is perfect for every day. Make like Selena and choose a balm formula for a plump, dewy effect (or, in a pinch, just tap a little Vaseline right on top of your favorite peach-colored cream or matte lipstick).

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  5. 2021 Makeup Trend: Violet Lashes

    Told you purple eye makeup was gonna have a moment! If you're not into a ~dramatic~ purple smokey eye, may I suggest this violet lash look instead? It's so, so easy—just prep your lashes with a white lash primer, then layer on two to three coats of bright purple mascara.

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  6. 2021 Makeup Trend: Berry-Stained Lips

    The best thing about lip stains? They don't budge (aka they'll stay put through drinking, eating, and hours under a face mask). Exfoliate your lips first (you don't want the pigments to settle into fine lines or cracks) and then press a trendy, berry-colored stain right onto your lips.

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  7. 2021 Makeup Trend: Glossy Eyes and Lips

    I am fully obsessed with the glossy eye and lip makeup trend for 2021. Just use a neutral cream color on your eyes and lips (you can even dab a little on your cheekbones) and top it off with a multitasking face gloss for a wet-like sheen.

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