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Affordable Brushes For Easy Makeup Application

Beauty columnist Bianca Valerio shares her makeup tool picks that are high-quality and easy on your wallet!

We're answering another Twitter query this month, about a makeup tool every girl should invest in. JhoQueen asked our beauty columnist Bianca Valerio: "Loved the tips you share on your show, F.A.S.H.! What tips can you share for buying makeup brushes?"

Here's Bianca's expert advice:

"Hey love,

Thanks so much for the warm wishes! F.A.S.H. really tries to cover various topics on beauty, fashion, and personality development. It's essential for any kikay girl to know her beauty arsenal, a.k.a., makeup brushes!

For our "Classics" episode, we featured local makeup brand (and former Cosmo Beauty Awards winner) Suesh for its quality brushes at very reasonable prices. With all the brushes out in the market, we often wonder which ones are used for what purpose, and if they're all necessary for everyday use. Well, worry no more.

Check out this video clip, as seen on F.A.S.H., where I give a quirky lesson on makeup brushes! Why quirky? Well, in the spirit of fun and fashion classics, I channeled my look from the '80s for this segment!"

Do you have any beauty query? Post it on Twitter and tag @cosmo_ph and @Bianca_Valerio. Keep 'em coming and your question just might be featured next!

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