Beauty Loot: 11 Summer Makeup Must-Haves

Brave the harsh rays of the sun looking fab. Click through our gallery of makeup products you may want to try especially for the season.
Every Cosmo chick's much-awaited season is finally here! Summer is all about celebrating your natural glowing beauty. Think basic clean neutral shades accentuated with a sun-kissed rosy glow. Keep your strong-colored lipsticks and eye shadows at the back of your dresser drawer--you wouldn't be needing them this season. It's time you made room for just the heat-friendly essentials: lightweight foundation or pressed powder, sheer blush, and a shade of lipstick closest to the natural shade of your pouters or a light gloss in a classic or girly hue.

Be sure that under all that naturally gorgeous makeup, you keep your skin protected from the sun. You can put sunscreen prior to applying makeup, or pick out products that have a high SPF level in them. Your summer preparations should not stop with working out and dieting for a bikini-worthy body. Be sure to keep your face looking fresh and blooming, as it radiates your awesome and fun personality. You never know when you might bump into a HOT guy who can be your next summer fling!

For some fab summer makeup products you may want to try, click on the gallery button below.

With reports from Trixie Reyna
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