Beauty Picks: Korean Kikay Kit Essentials

One thing all Asians seem to have in common is their gorgeous skin. Get the best of Korean beauty from head to toe with these great picks!

You've probably seen Koreanovelas like Boys Over Flowers and Full House, or maybe you're a fan of K-Pop bands like Wonder Girls (of "Nobody" fame), 2NE1 (Sandara Park's all-girl band), and Girls' Generation. You don't have to be paying much attention to your TV or computer screen to notice that all of them have fantastic skin. They're naturally fair because of the cooler climes in Korea (unlike here, where it's summer all year round and 15 minutes outside is enough to give you a tan). Yet color aside, their skin is always clear, glowing, and radiant.

Surely you agree, they must be doing something right in Korea! Luckily for us, two of the biggest Korean beauty brands have already set up shop in Manila, and they're bringing us the best in Korean skincare and cosmetics.

Whether it's anti-acne or anti-aging, cellulite prevention or vitamin enrichment, or plain old kakikayan (everyone's favorite!), these Korean brands have beauty down to a science. Click through to the Gallery below to check out our Korean skincare and cosmetics picks!

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