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How To Find The Best Lipstick Shade For You, According To A Makeup Expert

Jen Gerard of Gerard Cosmetics gives the best tip we've ever heard.
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We always hear rules that dictate the "right" lipstick shade we should try, making us think twice before trying out a new lippie color. So, to settle this dilemma once and for all, we asked Jen Gerard of Los Angeles-based makeup brand Gerard Cosmetics: How can you really know the best and right lipstick shade for you?

Her answer was simple and direct: "As far as selecting a shade, with me, I'm always about persistence. Whatever you look at that you gravitate to, go for it. Because we're so hard on ourselves, we look at something and we're like, 'Oh, this would look amazing on someone else, but not on me.' And that thing is, somebody else just has the courage to pull it off.

"I think it's just going with your first instinct and rocking it! It's really about attitude. It's all about how it makes you feel."

So there you have it, ladies. There are no definite rules in makeup—you make your own! If you want to wear a bright orange lipstick, do it! Trust your instinct.

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While you're feeling adventurous, here are some bold lipstick finds you can try:

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Kiss and Tell

A flamingo pink lipstick that looks perf on morenas and mestizas!

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Price: P1,220

Where to get: Freyja Glorietta

Gerard Cosmetics Hydramatte Liquid Lipstick in Mercury Rising

Its orange red hue works well for Pinays' warm skin tones. Pair this with peach eye makeup and blush for a monochromatic look.

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Price: P1,280

Where to get: Freyja Glorietta

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Grape Soda

A purple lippie that will surely pop! This has a matte and opaque formula that will stay on for hours.

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Price: P1,220

Where to get: Freyja Glorietta

Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Lighted Lipgloss in Candy Apple

A vibrant and creamy gloss with a Pinup girl-red color payoff, which gives your lips the juiciest look ever!

Price: P1,530

Where to get: Freyja Glorietta

Gerard Cosmetics Hydramatte Liquid Lipstick in 1995

If you're scared that a brown lipstick will make your complexion appear dull, try this neutral '90s tawny lippie that works for all skin tones.

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Price: P1,280

Where to get: Freyja Glorietta

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