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Going Blonde? Your Brows Should Be This Color

Being blonde calls for a really big change.
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Congratulations! You've finally decided to try blonde hair. You're ready to embrace a whole different lifestyle: All the sulfate-free hair products, purple shampoos, and masks are now calmly waiting to be used in your shower. But besides haircare, there's another department that needs a little tweaking, too: Makeup.

When you have lighter locks, your complexion may look washed out and your brows could clash with your current hair color. To guide you through your ~new~ life, here are some makeup guidelines:

Your brows should be lightened.

Black brows look off with golden locks. Have your stylist bleach them in a lighter hue or you can just coat the hair strands with a brown eyebrow mascara. The only time that black arches are appropriate is when your hair is dyed platinum.

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But never leave your arches unfilled.

If your brow hairs are sparse, it's important to fill them in so you won't appear washed out. You can use a taupe-hued pencil so the pigment won't appear severe.

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Define your eyes.

It's important to make your orbs pop when you've got lighter locks. On tamad days, you can just do away with curled lashes + mascara. But when you want to be snatched, try a smoky eye, feline flick, or colored eyeshadow!

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Don't forget to add color to your face.

Again, you want to avoid looking washed out, so never leave the house without color on your cheeks and lips!

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