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Bought The Wrong Shade Of Makeup? Here's What You Can Do

Before you think about tossing it in the bin or giving it away, try these alternatives.

We’ve all made the mistake of purchasing foundation, concealer, face powder, or BB cream that is too light or dark. But don't fret, there is hope for unwanted makeup.

1. Use it as concealer.

BB cream or foundation that is too light may be used as concealer for dark undereyes, zits, bruises, and blemishes on your face and other body parts.

2. Use it to highlight, bronze, or contour.

Try using too-light foundation or concealer as a highlighter for your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, or under your brow bone. For foundation that’s too dark, use it to contour your face. Face powder that’s too dark may be used as a non-shimmery alternative to bronzer.

3. Layer it with other makeup.

If you realize that your foundation, BB cream, or concealer is too dark after applying, don’t hit the panic button just yet. Apply light finishing powder all over your face to lighten the pigmentation. The same theory works for foundation that’s too light. Set it with your natural face powder to darken the pigmentation and get closer to your skin’s natural shade. Another solution is to run a damp sponge or beautyblender all over your face to lighten and balance the applied makeup.

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4. Mix it.

If your liquid foundation or BB cream is too dark, mix it with your favorite moisturizer or sunblock before applying it on your face. It will come out lighter.

5. Use it on the lips.

Here’s a makeup artist’s trick: When there’s no nude lipstick available, simply swipe concealer on the lips and top it with clear lipgloss. Viola—instant nude lippie! You may also use unwanted BB cream or concealer as your lip base if you have an uneven lip color. Applying it before your swipe of lipstick makes the lip color pop out more.

6. Wait for your tan to appear or disappear.

If you bought foundation that’s too dark, keep it in your stash and wait ‘til you come home with a tan from the beach. The same goes for the opposite. If your foundation or BB cream looks too light for your new tan, wait until beach season is over and your skin has returned to its lighter shade.

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7. Trade it.

When all else fails, post a Facebook shout-out asking your friends who’s willing to trade their wrong shade of foundation or tube of barely-used BB cream for yours.

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