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Celebrity Blunders You Should Avoid At ALL Costs!

Our Style & Beauty columnist divulges some fashion and beauty blunders committed by celebs so you can learn from them and avoid their booboos!

It’s only human nature to emulate certain traits, qualities, and/or physical attributes of our favorite celebrities, whether they're models or actresses. However, it’s also in a way comforting to know that these people whom we idolize commit fashion and beauty blunders that only reveal how human they are, too--just like us.

The benefit you get from this: Well, for one, the ball is now on your court. By learning from these actual events, you can successfully avoid their booboos!

1. Julia Roberts may be paid up to $25M per movie but no amount of money can take back the sight of her hairy armpit at a movie premiere upon waving to her fans in a sleeveless dress, as seen in In Style Magazine. If you’re in between waxing visits or simply prefer to go au naturelle, sleeveless outfits should be left at home and opt to give a smaller wave!

2. TMZ spotted Lindsay Lohan with banged up toes, chipped nail polish, and just some damn dirty nails! Celebrity or not, there’s nothing fab about fugly foot hygiene!

3. Jessica Simpson confessed on Ellen that she barely brushes her teeth and only gargles because her teeth are already too white! Honey, it ain’t the color we’re concerned about! Ever heard of bad breath? Kudos for having sparkly whites but poor oral practices only reflects poor hygiene all over!

4. Tyra Banks admitted on her own show (in a poor attempt to be funny) that she visits ice cream/yogurt parlors to avail of free samples in several flavors. She said that she does this to avoid buying a whole cup and it was great because it’s free! It’s one thing to be practical, but to be cheap and to announce it on national television is just crass. Never take advantage of the generosity of other people. Learn to spend wisely to help patronize other people’s good endeavors as this all comes back to you.

5. Britney Spears has been caught not wearing any underwear upon exiting a vehicle, as seen on (among countless sites!). Adding to that, Britney also loves to go bra-less despite her very apparent nipple situation, according to TMZ. While we at Cosmo truly support your need to feel free (like Britney), we suggest you do this only at home or if you’re just too flat-chested for anyone to even notice a difference. You control the outcome of your life so make every single choice you make count!

6. As a pathetic proof of how people use the commitment of marriage to embark on a reality TV career, The Insider reported that Bristol Palin and her then-fiance (for five minutes), Levi Johnston, were “shopping” for a reality TV show to document their lives as husband and wife. Their engagement lasted for as long as Vienna sausage. If you feel you need to seek the attention of others to make your life seemingly worth living or bragging about, then you are only setting yourself up for harsh criticism and disappointment. Not to mention you’ve just validated how discontent you are with yourself and your partner that you need the whole world to join in the drama.

7. Entertainment Tonight confirmed that Anne Hathaway had been devastated for being romantically involved for four years with Raffaello Follieri: an Italian con-man, convicted of squandering millions of dollars, posing as a legit businessman. The devil doesn’t only wear Prada, ladies. It comes in many unsuspecting forms. So no matter how smitten you may be over a man or taken by a generous friend, always learn to discern or trust on your better judgment before trusting so easily. There really is truth to the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

8. Jennifer Lopez, after being rejected as a judge to replace Ellen DeGeneres on American Idol (for having too  many demands), reportedly Tweeted a photo showcasing all her lavish jewels with a quote, “Hmmm…what should I wear today?” implying she doesn’t need a gig like AI anyway. From a Fly Girl dancer to Jenny on the Block to ungrateful diva: J.Lo has only proven that there are just those who have made their fame get way ahead of their talent. No matter where you get to in life, you should never forget where you came from. You are who you are because people have put you there. The best way to make something of yourself is to always remain humble. When all the money and pretty genes have dissipated, all you have is your integrity and most of all, the people who’ve helped you in your journey.

9. As seen all over the tabloids all over the world, Kate Moss was caught with cocaine while partying with her then boyfriend, Pete Doherty. They say life is a party. Sure, but if you party without consequences, you’re bound to get caught in your tracks. Hanging out with people who only lead you to trouble and waste your life away to nothing only proves how weak you are. We always encourage you to be a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants. Be strong enough to say NO. Be independent of vices and individuals that corrupt your inner growth but know that it's okay to ask for help from friends and family to head toward the right direction. And yes, know what you want but make a concrete effort to be proactive and make things happen without hurting anyone including yourself along the way.

Celebrities in the limelight are like mirrors for us to reflect on how we live our lives. It's sad, because it’s as if they are the guinea pigs from which we learn. Still, why not? Better to create something positive from a negative. See, for every time you are thrilled by others' faults or human errors or envious of their wonderful lives, you are no better than them. We have cited blunders, not in the name of gossip, but for you to be empowered by them, in the name of personal growth.

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