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The Best Ways To Clean And Store Your Makeup Sponge

Here's how you can keep it in good condition for months.

You've probably read and heard a bunch of horror stories about what people have found inside their dirty makeup sponges. From mold, to insects, to old makeup stains, the cringey list goes on and on. The culprit behind those disgusting things is obvious: Their users either didn't clean the sponges at all or didn't clean them enough!

To ensure your own base tool stays in top shape for months and never ever grows new stuff or houses creepy crawlies, keep scrolling to see how you can properly take of them:

How to clean a makeup sponge

No matter how often you use your makeup sponge, whether it’s three times a week or every day, ALWAYS clean it at least once a week. This will prevent bacteria, oil, dirt, and old makeup from ruining the sponge and clogging and irritating your pores.

A clean makeup sponge also means it will be able to blend and set your products really well.

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See our favorite ways of cleaning sponges here:

  1. Baby Shampoo

    Makeup tools require gentle care, and nothing gives a more gentle cleanse than baby shampoo! Its mild formula ensures it clarifies the product without destroying the sponge's material.

    Process of washing:

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    Gently run the dirty makeup sponge under cold or lukewarm water. Squeeze a centavo-sized amount of shampoo onto the sponge. Gently squeeze and knead the sponge until the whole thing is lathered in shampoo and you can see drops of water and makeup falling. Once the sponge's color has been restored, wash it under water again. Place the damp product on top of a clean dry towel and leave it to air-dry.

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    Baby Dove Shampoo Rich Moisture, P199, Lazada

  2. Microwave

    Aside from quickly heating up food, microwaves can also be used for sterilizing certain household items. If you plan to clean your makeup sponge via this method, you'll need the following products: liquid soap, water, a microwave-safe mug, and your dirty sponge!

    Process of washing:

    Mix a teaspoon of liquid soap with a cup of water. Put your sponge in the mixture and allow it to properly soak in there. Microwave it for one minute to two minutes on the highest heat setting. Do it in 30-second intervals to prevent the water from overflowing. Before squeezing the excess makeup out of the sponge, make sure the mug and mixture are cool enough—it can get really hot! Repeat the process until the makeup is completely washed out. Leave the makeup sponge on a clean and dry towel to air-dry before storing.

  3. Bar Soap

    If using a microwave is too much work for you and you think using baby shampoo isn't going to really clean it well, subsitute them for a classic bar of soap! A regular white bar of soap contains anti-bacterial properties leading it to being able to remove ~*everything*~ in the sponge, but is gentle enough that it won't mess the sponge's material or shape.

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    Process of washing:

    Begin cleansing your sponge by running it under cold or lukewarm water. Once it's all soaked, take your soap and rub it on the sponge until a lather forms. Gently squeeze the soap-soaked sponge until the makeup comes off. Once it's clear of any stains, run it under water again to remove excess water, soap, and makeup. Repeat the process if necessary! Leave the sponge on a clean dry towel and let it air-dry.

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    Safeguard Pure White Bar Soap, P159, Lazada

How to properly store a makeup sponge

Properly storing your makeup sponge is just as important as cleaning it. This step prevents your tool from becoming infected with bacteria and mold. While you can totally keep your makeup sponge in its original container, if, like us, you've already thrown it away, it's best to keep in its own dry container or makeup bag like the ones below:

  1. BeautyBlender Blender Defender

    The flexible silicone case can house a variety of makeup sponge sizes. The best part? Because of its material, there’s no danger of it accidentally breaking!

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    BeautyBlender Blender Defender, P900,

  2. Brush Works Makeup Sponge Holder

    This pretty sponge holder will allow you to dry AND store the tool in it! Plus, it will look really pretty on your vanity.

    Brush Works Makeup Sponge Holder, P349, Zalora

  3. Cascade Square Accessory Box

    For a more protective case that can still fit any aesthetic, try this clear accessory box! Just make sure you clean it regularly, too.

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    Cascade Square Accessory Box, P250, Lazada

  4. Microfiber Blending Sponge With Case

    This clear sponge case is so travel-friendly because it's light, compact, and can fit both regular and small makeup sponges!

    Microfiber Blending Sponge With Case, P345, Shopee

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  5. Makeup Blending Sponge Holder

    The openness of the holder/rack will allow air to pass through and dry up your sponge quickly. It's perfect if you don't want a separate place to dry and store your makeup tool.

    Makeup Blending Sponge Holder, P296, Shopee

How do you clean and store your makeup sponge? Comment your tips below! Don't forget to join our Cosmo Beauty Group for an exclusive CG chat!

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