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7 Other Ways You Can Use Concealer To *Upgrade* Your Makeup Look

Meet the unsung hero of your makeup collection.
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Concealers are one of those things that often go overlooked because they're not as fun as picking out lipsticks or blushes. This underrated product, however, actually does more than just cover up blemishes and dark circles. Below, we have listed down all the other ways you can use this unsung hero in your makeup routine:

  1. Define your arches.

    You can get fuller-looking brows with a pencil and gel, but to really get defined + clean arches, you must use a concealer. Once you're done filling them out, dip your angled brush into the concealer and carve out the shape of your kilay. Blend it outwards to avoid unsightly lines. (Tip: According to beauty YouTuber Johnreyslifechoose a shade that's close to your natural skin tone instead of one that's one to two shades lighter, so that it won't look unnatural.)


    Sigma Beauty E65 Small Angle Brush, P985, Sephora


  2. Save on base products.

    It can be easy to go ham when applying concealer because you just want to camouflage ~everything~ in sight. A better practice would be to apply foundation first because doing the opposite may just mess up your base. Plus, you'll find that you actually need waaay less product than you initially plan to use. Your MOTD will look less cakey, too!

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    Maybelline Superstay 24H Full Coverage Foundation Makeup, P499, Lazada


  3. Disguise a tired appearance.

    Look instantly fresh and wide-awake by applying a brightening concealer on your undereye area. Draw and fill in an inverted triangle and blend it out using a brush or sponge. 

  4. Prime your lids.

    Don't have an eyeshadow primer? No worries! Your concealer can work in a pinch. Before applying eye makeup, dab the flesh-toned product on your lids first. This will cover up veins, make the hues more ~vibrant~, and help it adhere better!

  5. Make your lipstick more vibrant.

    How many times have we bought a bright lippie, thinking it would look great on us, only to find out that its payoff is different from what we expect Don't give up just yet—instead, put some concealer on your puckers, blend it out with a sponge, and apply your lipstick afterwards. This will allow the true color of the product to show through.

  6. Clean up your winged eyeliner.

    The struggle with getting the perfect winged liner ends today! After drawing your cat-eye, apply concealer using an angled brush to sharpen and clean up the flick.

  7. Even out your complexion.

    We're all familiar with using flesh-toned concealers to hide our dark spots and blemishes, but we believe their ~colored~ versions should be given some time in the spotlight, too! They usually come in yellow, peach, purple, and green and they can even out your skin, brighten dark circles, and neutralize any redness. (Here's a complete guide on how to use them.)


    Sephora Collection Must-Have Face Palette, P1,002, Sephora


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