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YouTuber Johnrey Shared Important Makeup Tips Every Morena Should Know

No to flashback!
PHOTO: Instagram/johnreyslife

It can be intimidating to ~experiment~ with your makeup if you have a dusky complexion. You shy away from flash photography for fear of looking like a ghost, you're afraid of wearing a pink lipstick because you think it looks "too bright" on you, and you can't be pried away from your ride-or-die brown and burnt orange eyeshadow shades.

Thankfully, beauty YouTuber Johnreyslife made a video on makeup tips that are especially useful for morenas. She also shared the common mistakes that Pinays make when applying cosmetics.

Below, we listed down Johnrey's top morena makeup tips:

  1. Mix your foundation and concealer for carving out your eyebrows.

    When carving out your kilay and highlighting the brow bone, it's common practice to use a lighter shade. This may work for fair skin tones, but it may look ashy on morena skin. What you can do is to mix your brightening concealer with your foundation shade—it won't appear grayish and the area appears more lifted!

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  2. Check the undertones of your complexion products.

    Just because a foundation or concealer is in the deep shade spectrum doesn't immediately mean that it's a perfect match for your skin tone. You have to take into account its ~undertones~. For example, you can have dark skin but still have a *blue*, aka cool undertone. (Take this quiz to find out yours!)

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  3. Use a banana powder instead of a translucent one.

    Setting powders play a big part in your MOTD's longevity but don't go grabbing that translucent shade just yet. According to Johnrey, she prefers banana powders because they don't create a white cast on her complexion.

    Australis Banana Powder, P595, BeautyMNL


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  4. Choose a contour shade that's a perfect mix of warm and cool tones.

    According to the countless YouTube tutorials you've watched, neutral colors are the way to go when it comes to contour so that it doesn't look "muddy." It doesn't work the same way with morenas, though. Johnrey recommends using a shade that's a perfect mix of warm and cool tones to sculpt your cheekbones.

    Vice Cosmetics Aura Contour in Porshur, P145, Lazada


  5. Pick the perfect nude shade for your lips.

    The ~typical~ nude shade (aka salmon pinks or corals) might look great on mestizas, but it shows up too light on the lips for morenas. Johnrey advises to choose a color that's on the neutral side. (Ed's note: A warm peachy nude or a taupe lippie can be your best bets.) 

    L'Oréal Paris Infallible Les Chocolats 16HR Liquid Lipstick in Volupto Choco, P399, Lazada


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Watch the rest of Johnrey's video below:


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