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This Loose Powder Makes My Face Look Like I've Had 8 Hours Of Sleep

I found myself a winner in this setting powder!

I've always had oily skin. I spent most of my life believing that every foundation, BB cushion, or tinted sunscreen would just rub off after a few hours of wear. I've tried all kinds of base products—from high-end bestsellers to drugstore cult-favorites in liquid, powder, and cream formulas—but each would come out splotchy or would completely disappear by the end of the day.

Enter: Ellana Cosmetics Stay Matte Poreless Powder. I received it during a company raffle draw a year ago, but I didn't use it immediately because I decided to finish my two other setting powders (which, tbh, I wasn't impressed by) first. About two months later, I gave up on the said products because they really weren't working for me. I gave the Ellana Stay Matte powder a try and I have been a fan ever since. I use it almost daily, and I finished a pack after nine months!


Here's why this powder is my ride-or-die product:

  1. It makes even my transfer-prone base makeup stay put.

    You know it's a winner when it can make any tinted sunscreen or foundation stay on your skin! The Ellana Stay Matte powder allows me to use my least favorite bases and make them work for my skin.

  2. I can layer cream products over it.

    They say to only apply cream products before powder products and never the other way around. But with this powder, I can layer a multipurpose makeup product on my cheeks or eyelids without disrupting my base. (Tip: According to Ellana's site, it also functions as a powder-type makeup primer!)

  3. Its key ingredients are known for their oil control properties.

    Oil control is non-negotiable for me when it comes to setting products! The Ellana Stay Matte powder is formulated with the best mattifying ingredients: Rice starch, Kaolin clay, and yellow illite clay.

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  4. It sets my makeup without giving my face a flat matte finish.

    I know it has the word "matte" on the product name, but I find that this powder gets rid of the oil without giving my skin a matte, cakey effect. Even if I layer a lot of powder, it still produces a cottony soft, second-skin finish that makes my face look like I've had eight hours of sleep.

  5. There's no white cast!

    One of my pet peeves when it comes to powders is when they create a white cast. I know my skin's pretty fair, but I've tried translucent powders that have made me look like a floating head! I never had this problem with the Ellana Cosmetics Stay Matte Poreless Powder.

If you're still searching for a versatile setting powder that works on oily skin, give the Ellana Cosmetics Stay Matte Poreless Powder a try!

Ellana Cosmetics Stay Matte Poreless Powder in Clear

Ellana Cosmetics Stay Matte Poreless Powder in Clear, P499 (refill only), Lazada



Ellana Cosmetics Stay Matte Poreless Powder in Clear

Ellana Cosmetics Stay Matte Poreless Powder in Clear, P698 (with jar), Lazada


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