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Struggles Only Pinays With Oily Skin Will Understand

'Highlighter? What highlighter?'
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Y'all, it's a widely known fact that having oily skin is high-maintenance. You have to be careful with anything that you apply because it might trigger breakouts. Plus, you've got to be extra praning when monitoring your T-zone's shine. And with our country's climate, having a clear complexion is a major challenge. To validate these facts, we asked the girls from our Cosmo Mixers group (which you should probably join!) to share their common oily skin-related struggles:

Blotting paper and powder are must-haves in your kikay kit.

  • “*I need five pieces of oil film to get me through the night when wearing makeup*” -Camille
  • “Trying to hide it by applying pressed powder every now and then.” -Romana
  • Pag walang oil film: Tissue! Tissue! Tissue!” -Angel
  • Mabilis nauubusan ng blotting paper.” -Tonette
  • “Setting with powder is always a must!!!” -Gillian 

People always think you have some kind of product on, pero sa totoo lang, wala naman talaga.

  • “Not having a choice but to say thank you when someone compliments you about your highlight.” -Ara
  • “Highlighter? What highlighter? It's just sweat.” -Meryll
  • Yung sasabihan ka ng girl, serum ba 'yan? Or oil?” -Quinn
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Shine bright like a diamond? Girl, yes.

  • Daig pa ang reflector sa daan sa kintab ng face.” -Jennifer
  • "Making beso at peak oiliness feels like rubbing cheeks with lechon.” -Karen
  • "Every time I touch my face, akala mo frying pan ang natouch ko sa pagkamantika but at least hindi dry and flaky ang skin, tipid pa sa moisturizer at highlighter.” -Vanessa
  • “Camera with flash is a no-no.” -Bernadette
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Nothing lasts forever… including your makeup.

  • “Bomb makeup then after two hours, bye makeup.” -Koy
  • “Face looks always dirty, haggard [and] often called minahan ng oil. 'Di pa nakakaalis hulas agad makeup.” -Jeanne

*Answers have been edited for clarity.

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