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How To Make Your 'Glass Skin' Makeup Look As ~Natural~ As Possible

Is it skincare or highlighter? They'll never know.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/nadine; (right) instagram/thedawnchang

Our pursuit of ~*glass skin*~ makeup is challenging, thanks to our fear of accidentally looking like a greasy mess due to the insanely hot weather of our country. But as impossible as it seems, there are simple tricks we can do to cop that trendy glow without looking like a shiny disco ball.

Below, Priscilla OnoFenty Beauty's global makeup artist, shared some tips and tricks on how to make the popular makeup look seem more natural and skin-like:

  1. Avoid a flat matte foundation.

    Opt for either a dewy or soft-matte foundation to get a glow with minimal effort. If you've got oily skin, Priscilla suggests mixing your primer with your mattifying foundation to create a more hydrating mix that creates a skin-like finish.

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  2. Opt for a cream blush.

    A cream will give your cheeks a realistic sheen that'll amplify that glassy effect.

  3. Set your T-zone with blotting powder.

    You don't have to skip powder to have a glossy mug. Priscilla recommends using translucent blotting powder to take away excess shine and set your makeup.

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  4. Keep the outer perimeters of your face matte.

    Priscilla presses powder below the cheekbone for a ~wearable~ glass skin look. According to her, the contrast between these mattified areas and the highlighted ones will emphasize your glow and keep you from looking oily at the same time. Genius!

  5. Add glow only on the high points of your face.

    Overapplying your highlighter is a no-no, even for a dewy skin look. Stick to the essentials, and hit only the top area of your cheekbones and above your brows, which will reflect light on your face as naturally as possible.

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Watch the full video of Priscilla Ono of Fenty Beauty here:

Watch Priscilla Ono, the global makeup artist of Fenty Beauty, share tips and tricks on how to make glass skin look natural.