Apparently, We've Been Applying Our Highlighter Wrong All This Time

We're ready to get our glow on!
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If you ask us, our favorite part of our makeup routine is putting highlighter on. It immediately takes a ~meh~ look and transforms it into a glowing look that is super nakaka-fresh! It's also hard to mess it up, as you only need to sweep it on the key points of your face. But, as we have recently learned from TikTok user Vi Luong (@viluong), there are more ~strategic~ areas where you can apply your radiance-boosting products to give you a more blinding result. Keep on reading to know more:

Vi starts off by highlighting the tip of her nose (a classic) and the topmost part of her nose bridge. Then, for her brow highlight, she applies it to almost 3/4 of her brow length for that maximum glow. For her final step, she sweeps the shimmery powder on the *lower* part of her cheekbones instead of the usual high point.

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According to her, highlighting the lower part of her cheekbones really changed the game for her and "transformed" all her pictures. It also gave her round Asian face more dimension. Her ~finished~ look has got us absolutely convinced!

Watch Vi's TikTok video here and try out her hack for yourself:

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