How To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh, Even When It's Hot Outside

Because you don't want your look to melt off by lunchtime.

We can finally feel summer slowly creeping in—if the *insanely* hot weather is any indication. While this means we can finally plan beach trips with our barkada, it's bad news for our makeup. The rising temperatures mean we have to double up on our lewks and take some ~preventive measures~ to stop our made-up faces from melting off by lunchtime.

Below, we put together some tips and tricks to ensure your makeup looks ~fresh~, even in the blazing summer heat:

  1. Apply a moisturizer.

    Prep your skin by applying a moisturizer before continuing with the rest of your makeup routine. This will ensure that your skin is properly hydrated when exposed to the hot weather outdoors.

  2. Invest in a primer.

    Don't just buff in your base product immediately—make sure to put on a primer first. It works like glue so that your makeup adheres a lot better, plus it lengthens the longevity of your MOTD.

  3. Use a lightweight base.

    Because of the sweltering heat, you're bound to sweat a lot, and your full-coverage foundation may clog your pores. Bring your tinted moisturizer back into your product rotation—your skin will thank you!

    Laura Mercier
     Tinted Moisturizer, P2,050, Rustan's The Beauty Source

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  4. Conceal your dark spots.

    Since you'll be using a lightweight base, you will need to rely on concealer to camouflage any dark spots. Save the undereye highlighting for another day and just apply it to the areas that need a little more help and blend them out with your ring finger.

  5. Pat on some powder.

    To give your makeup look a fighting chance against the sun's unforgiving heat, you will need setting powder. No need to cake it on—a light dusting using a big fluffy brush will do.

  6. Avoid powder blush.

    A powder blush will only cake up come lunchtime. To add a healthy glow to your cheeks, opt for a gel formula. You may also layer on a cream one afterward—it looks more natural!

     Sheer Cheek Gel, P1,040, Sephora

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  7. Spritz on a hydrating mist.

    To set your makeup in place, grab a setting spray that also doubles as a hydrating mist. It's the perfect way to refresh your makeup in the middle of the day and lock your makeup back into place!

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     Dear Hydration Facial Mist, P550, Lazada

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