The Best Ways To Disinfect Your Makeup Products And Tools

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The Department of Health raised the alert for COVID-19 to Code Red Sublevel 2 as the number of cases climbs to 52. One step we should take to prevent the spread of the disease is to keep our surroundings and ourselves clean. But, we shouldn't forget about the products we use near our face, too—like makeup. 

Bacteria and disease-causing bugs may live on your makeup products without you knowing. To protect yourself from getting acne or catching the flu, practice disinfecting your makeup right after you use them. Makeup artists—whose products are being shared by their clients—swear by this step to prevent cross-contamination. Read on to learn the right way of cleaning your beauty stash.

How to clean your makeup products

Isopropyl alcohol, aka rubbing alcohol, is the best tool to disinfect your makeup products, whatever their formula may be. Check out the different sanitizing methods below:

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  • Powder products (Eyeshadow palettes, face powder, blush, highlighter) - Wipe off the surface after use. Spritz with rubbing alcohol. Wait for it to dry before putting it back into storage.
  • Liquid foundation - Clean the nozzle and cap with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  • Lipstick, cream stick products - Wipe off first layer and spritz with rubbing alcohol.
  • Pencils - Sharpen, spray with alcohol, and wipe off with cotton swab.
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How to disinfect makeup brushes

According to Allure, pro MUAs turn to solid and liquid brush cleansers to lift off product residue from the bristles. They also use a brush pad to dislodge buildup stuck on every nook and cranny of the tool. (Piled up makeup can be a breeding ground for germs!) You may opt to spritz alcohol on your brushes for good measure.

Ed's note: If you feel unwell, it's best to not use your makeup while you're sick to prevent them from being contaminated! 

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