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How To Look And Feel Good When You're Stressed AF

And if you have no time to spare.
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Besides the occasional emotional outbursts and messed up bodily functions (e.g. headache and tummy problems), stress manifests on your hair and skin: Zits show up on your face, eyebags become more pronounced, your complexion turns ashy, or worse, your tresses shed! 

Stress, unfortunately, is already part of our lives, but don't let it rule over your body! Here, we tell you the things you can squeeze into your busy schedule to make you look and feel good on days when you can't even.

  1. Distract with a bright lip.

    Never wore an orange lippie before? Maybe now is the time to do so. This citrus shade can brighten your sleep-deprived complexion ASAP.

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  2. Take a warm shower.

    If you don't have time to go to a spa, soothe tired muscles with a warm shower. Of course, a massage is still waaay better, but if you're pressed for time, this alternative will still relax you.

  3. Mask it till you make it.

    Do as the Koreans do: Revive puffy eyes with gel patches and fake an eight-hour slumber.

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  4. Uplift your mood by spritzing a zesty scent.

    A fragrance with clean and crisp notes will awaken your senses.

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  5. Play happy tunes!

    Listen to a cheery playlist while you do your morning (or nighttime) beauty routine. This will help keep your mood bright and lighthearted.

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  6. Maximize your bedtime.

    Because you probably don't have enough hours to sleep, turn the AC to full blast and snuggle with a fleece blanket. This will make bedtime more comforting. It also helps if you wear matching jammies!

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  7. Fix your hair.

    Create a side-parted sleek ponytail—this hairstyle gives off a #girlboss vibe. Like, you've got your shit together!

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