All The Ways To Wear Your Favorite Lip Tints

Take 'gandang lip tint' to the next level!

Among the many things we love from K-beauty, lip and cheek tints are probably on top of our favorites list. We can’t help it—the right lip and cheek tint can instantly make you look alive and, well, cute. Below, we made a complete guide on everything you should know about how to use your new kikay kit staple.

How to use lip tints

Most lip tints are not as moisturizing as traditional lipsticks, so you’ll need to prep your lips. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your lips are free of dead skin. Use a towel to lightly scrub off the dead skin from your puckers.
  2. Apply a moisturizing lip balm. You can also use a multipurpose balm like Lucas Papaw. The key is to let the balm sit on your lips for a few minutes before applying your lip tint.
  3. Lightly tap the tint’s applicator on your lips. It’s best to start on the center of the lips and then diffuse it outwards.
  4. If your tint is too opaque, use a tissue to blot your lips.
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How to use lip and cheek tints on the cheeks

A common mistake Pinays make is applying the cheek tint before moisturizer and foundation, thinking the product will be more makapit if they do it that way. However, that’s not the right technique. Here’s how to use lip and cheek tints on your cheeks:

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  1. Start with skincare. Smooth on your moisturizer and sunblock to prep your skin for makeup. Wait for it to set on your skin so they won't pill when you apply your blush.
  2. Apply your liquid or cream base of choice: foundation, BB Cream, CC cream, etc. and blend it out  until no harsh lines are visible. 
  3. Lightly apply your cheek tint using your fingers and blend it out—this is the best way to put on cheek tints because the warmth from your fingers melt the products, helping it blend seamlessly onto your skin.
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Note: If you’re only using powder foundation, apply the cheek tint before your powder.

Other ways to use lip and cheek tints

While traditional water-based tints are known for giving a sheer wash of color on your cheeks and lips, there are now many other kinds of tints readily available in the market that can yield to various results. We also saw an emerging makeup trend: multi-purpose creams and tints. These products were specifically made to be worn on your lips, cheeks, and eyes. (Monochromatic makeup—you can never go wrong with it!)

Here are some easy-to-copy looks you can create using your lip tints:

  1. A full lip
    Feel like going bold? Swipe a good amount of lip tint (especially if it has a mousse or whipped formula) on your lips for a full bold lip. This works best for deeper reds and berries.
  2. Soft stained lips
    This is, perhaps, the most popular way to wear lip tints. We’ve seen enough K-drama episodes to know that K-stars love this look, too! Lightly apply your tint on the center of your lips, focusing most of the color on that area. Use your ring finger to blend it outwards to create that stained look.
  3. Glossy stained lips
    Here’s a look we often see on the runways. Do the same technique as you would with soft stained lips, but this time, add gloss for shine and volume if your tint is matte.  You can easily achieve this with tints that are glossy or “see through.” 

  4. Tints as eyeshadow
    Score the monochromatic look all the cool girls are doing by using one product on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. This is a no-fail way to look more put together instantly. Again, it will be best to use your fingers to melt the product onto your skin.
  5. Full flush
    This looks is also known as ~*drunk blush*~. Go overboard with your cheek tint to create a youthful flush on your face. If you’re scared, start with just a little bit of product and then add more layers little by little. Tip: Dust on a powder blush on top of your cheek tint. It doesn’t have to be same color as your cheek tint! This will prolong the wear of your tint and create a unique shade!
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What’s your favorite way to use your lip tint? Are you now convinced to go shopping for a new tint or two? Here’s a list of our favorite lip tints.

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