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This P479 Tinted Sunscreen Will Make You *Skip* Wearing Foundation

It feels like nothing on the skin! 
kojie san tinted sunscreen

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When you're not in the mood for makeup, the next best thing you can reach for is a tinted sunscreen. It's like a skin tint and a sunscreen combined, so you're hitting two birds with one stone. And unlike most foundations, tinted sunscreens usually have an SPF30 or higher, which makes it as effective as regular SPF. You can wear it on its own, especially on tamad days. (Just make sure that you're applying *enough* sunscreen, ofc.)

And now that we're on that subject, allow us to suggest a new local beauty find: Kojie San's Tinted Sunscreen. We recently tried this foundation alternative from the skin-brightening beauty brand, and here's why we love it: 

5 Reasons To Try Kojie San's Tinted Sunscreen 

1. It makes your skin look like your skin but *better*. 

This tinted sunscreen provides you with just enough coverage to even out your skin, toning down any redness. Plus, it brightens the complexion instantly. Although it only comes in one shade, it has tone-adapting pigments that adjust to your complexion's hue. 


2. It has a ~breathable~ formula. 

Some tinted sunscreens tend to feel sticky or heavy on the face, but this one from Kojie San is an exception. We're happy to report that it's commute-friendly! 

3. It works great on all skin typesyes, even oily ones. 

This lightweight base has a velvety smooth finish, and it controls sebum production, so you always look fresh, not oily. It also contains nourishing ingredients, such as vitamin E and sunflower oil, to keep the skin ~moisturized~. 

4. It has SPF50+ PA+++.

While it feels like nothing on the face, this tinted sunscreen works hard by protecting the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. It's formulated with RadiCare technology, which serves as a protective barrier that shields the skin from any harmful light radiation. 

5. It costs less than P500! 

At just P120 for 7.5g and P479 for 50g, you can't go wrong with this product. 

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kojie san tinted sunscreen

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