We Asked These Pinays What's In Their Kikay Kits Because We're Nosy

It's fun to know what other girls are using.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Maye Deles, (RIGHT) Crissy Rillo

Here at Cosmopolitan, we're always curious to know what's inside the kikay kits of celebrities, influencers, and friends. We find it interesting to know what products work for them—that may probably suit us, too! It's like going through a beauty review IRL.

That said, we decide it's high time that we took a peek at our readers' makeup bags. We asked members of our Facebook Group, Cosmo Mixers to post the contents of their kikay kits. (BTW, here's the link to the group in case you haven't joined yet.) We loved seeing their product recommendations via their beauty stash and shelfies. 

Take a look at the kikay kits of several Cosmo Mixer members. Maybe you'll have an idea what to buy next!

  1. This will make you want to buy a clearkikay kit.

    Maye Deles especially likes the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. She says that "a little goes a long way" so it's super matipid!

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  2. This shelfie reminds us that we should never forget sunscreen.

    Amena Pascua Antalan also believes that "lipstick is life!"

  3. This full traincase will motivate you to work hard so you can buy more makeup.

    Isabel Francisco says these were mostly gifts. So lucky!

  4. From facial spray to eyebrow products, this makeup bag is complete.

    We spot K-beauty and P-beauty finds in Maria Oreilly's stash.

  5. We love how this tiny makeup kit can fit two makeup brushes.

    "The lipsticks are on rotation, so iba iba siya weekly. The rest are ‘permanent’ na." - Russelle Anne Roque 

  6. We wonder how all of these products fit in the small kikay kit.

    I didn't even know I had this much not until nilabas ko lahat. Medyo na-shock din ako." - Marjarelle Tan Pascual

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  7. We love the mix of high-end and affordable finds in this shelfie.

    Nicole Ceballos' edited makeup kit is goals!

  8. A mesh bag allows you to see the contents of your makeup bag without opening it.

    According to Thea Cabote, these are all the products she uses every day.

  9. This reminds us to never forget hygiene essentials.

    Plus, we learned a cool trick from Ginyn Noble: She uses the silicone brush to apply her cheek tint.

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  10. The makeup bag contents are envy-worthy.

    Crissy Rillo, we love that your brushes have brush guards like a true makeup addict!

  11. That RCMA Powder is one of the best shine-killing powders out there.

    Heidi Kahulugan says her essentials are "panlaban sa giyera," LOL!

  12. Where did that pink and yellow candy-colored pouch come from?

    Tell us, Ana Pascual! Or can someone please send us leads.

  13. We spot the internet-famous Lucas Papaw in this kikay kit.

    And if you're curious about Jocelle Parreño Abao's lippie, it's MAC Ruby Woo.

  14. A Ziploc bag can serve as kikay kit, too!

    "Naka-Ziploc lang yun akin since we are required to travel all the time. Space-saving is key." - Jonah Buenaventura

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  15. To save space, choose mini-sized makeup. Beauty samples are okay, too.

    "I love that Supergoop has a travel sized version so I can re-apply throughout day without having to bring the full size tube!" - Pam Dumlao Dizon

That's all for now! If you want to share what's inside your kikay kit, join us at Cosmo Mixers. We promise that you'll have fun chika time with other CGs there!

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