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This Makeup Guru Transformed Herself Into 'Sailor Moon' Characters

Yup, she created ALL your favorite Sailor Scouts!

Remember Sailor Moon? If you grew up in the '90s, chances are you watched this show and wanted to dress like the titular characterbecause TBH, why wouldn't you want to battle the evil forces of The Dark Kingdom alongside your BFFs? 

And while your dream of turning into a Sailor Soldier probably never happened, the good news is you still have a chance to dress up as your favorite childhood cartoon! Makeup guru Regina, known as Picturresque on Instagram, transformed herself into all the characters from the beloved animeand it will inspire you to do the same with your look when the mood hits you.

There's Sailor Moon herself, with her highlight on fleek.

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We're loving Sailor Mars' juicy gradient lip!

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Sailor Jupiter's look will instantly brighten up any day.

How to do blue eyebrows, a la Sailor Mercury.

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Goddess-like Sailor Venus is one of our favorites.

Check out Sailor Uranus' killer kilay!

Sailor Neptune's pink pout perfectly contrasts her teal hair.

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Can't forget Sailor Pluto.

Or Sailor Saturn with her goth vibe.

If you need a summer look to recreate, take inspo from Sailor Sun!

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But that's not all. Regina loved the series so much, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, that she also recreated Black Lady and all the Scouts in their *regular* form.

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