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This Hulas-Proof Eyebrow Routine Is Perfect If You Have *Oily* Skin

This routine will make your brows last from day to night!
PHOTO: youtube/anne clutz

Beauty YouTuber Anne Clutz, who has done countless tutorials on how to mattify shiny faces, finally made a video on how to deal with ~greasy~ eyebrows. Having slick arches is a very real struggle when you have an oily complexion. After being exposed to a hot and humid environment, your kilay becomes makintab and the eyebrow product fades.

In Anne's video, she walks us through her routine for her "oily and pawisin" kilay. Below, we have listed down her best tips:

  1. Apply foundation to your brows.

    When applying her long-wearing foundation, Anne makes sure to put some on her arches as well. According to her, this practice will make them less likely to oil up by midday. It also gives her a smooth canvas to draw on her kilay using a brow pomade.

  2. Pat some setting powder on your arches.

    Baking is non-negotiable if you have an oily complexion. Alongside putting loose setting powder on the areas where you usually get greasy, Anne recommends applying some right on your eyebrows as well to make them plakado and look less shiny.

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  3. Use a tinted brow soap.

    To set your arches in place and make them last all day, Anne recommends brushing through them with a tinted brow soap. According to her, this will also fake the illusion of feathery kilay, which is still very much on trend this year!

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Watch the rest of Anne's funny + informative tutorial here:


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