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Makeup For Newbies: How To Create Simple Eyeshadow Looks

Simple Eye Makeup Tutorial
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Hello! Here's another installment of our Makeup For Newbies series, where we decode the MOTDs you've been wanting to learn. Today, we discuss how you can create simple eye makeup looks that are perfect for every day. We guarantee you that these are super easy, and you don't expensive products to cop them.

Take down notes, 'cause you're about to be in the ~*best*~ online makeup school:

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Simple Eye Makeup: Cute and Natural

Here's the easiest eye makeup tutorial you could ever try: It only involves lining the lash line and outer corners with matte brown eyeshadow. You just need a few coats of mascara and you're done!

Daily Natural Cute Makeup

Simple Eye Makeup: Liquid Eyeshadow

When you're in rush, liquid eyeshadow will save the day. Simply dab it on the lids and blend with your fingers.

How to Use Liquid Eyeshadow

Simple Eye Makeup: Naturally Glowing

This soft glam makeup look is a winner: You simply have to sweep a taupe eyeshadow on the crease, dab a shimmery champagne color on the lids, and define the lash line with an espresso pigment. You may also opt to smudge a brown eyeliner, too.

Everyday Makeup For School/Work

Simple Eye Makeup: Beautiful Neutrals

If you're ready to advance to a multiple color eyeshadow look, watch this tutorial which teaches the basics of defining the crease. It features easy, proper blending techniques, plus ways how you can make your eyes look bigger and wide-awake.


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Simple Eye Makeup: Best Basic Makeup Products

To help you ace the pretty eyeshadow looks above, here are the products you can try. 

  1. Liquid Eyeshadow

    Girl, if you haven't tried liquid eyeshadows, you're missing a lot! These are super easy to use and they make your lids look made up in seconds.

    Simple Eye Makeup: Liquid Eyeshadow
    Blythe Cosmetics

    Blythe Starlight Eyes Set, P585, Careline Official Lazada Store

  2. Cream Eyeshadow Stick

    Here's another eye makeup product that will get you ready in no time. You only need your fingers to blend it out!

    Simple Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Stick
    watch now

    Generation Happy Skin Active Easy Eyes Crease-Proof Eyeshadow Stick in Flex, P339, Happy Skin Official Lazada Store

  3. Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

    A staple in every Pinay's makeup bag is a palette that features earthy tones in both shimmery and matte finishes.

    Simple Eye Makeup: Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
    Squad Cosmetics

    Squad Cosmetics Neutral Squad Eyeshadow Palette, P199, Squad Cosmetics Official Lazada Store

    Simple Eye Makeup: Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
    MAC Cosmetics

    MAC Cosmetics Solar Glow Times Nine, P3,000, Glorietta

  4. Mascara

    You can skip the falsies when you use a mascara with a fiber base and a super black pigment.

    Simple Eye Makeup: Mascara

    EB Advance Mascara Duo with Silicon Brush, P200, Watsons

  5. Eye Makeup Brush

    There are tons of eye makeup brushes available, but if you want to start small, you can pick a blending to distribute and diffuse the color across the eyelid and a dome pencil brush to define the crease.

    Simple Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Brush

    Palladio Blending Brush, P420, Watsons

    Simple Eye Makeup: Eyeshadow Brush

    L.A. Girl Domed Crease Brush, P419, Watsons

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