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10 Tips For Girls Who Are Still Learning To Do Their Own Makeup

Makeup newbies, we got you!
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It's 2020 and you've finally decided that you'll learn how to put on makeup. You know, just adulting things. The world of makeup can be overwhelming, so we prepared the ultimate guide for newbies like you! Check out the basic rules here:

  1. Know your skin's undertone.

    Before you start buying makeup, it's important to know your skin undertone first. There are two types of undertones: Cool and warm. An easy way to find out yours is by checking the color of the veins on your wrist. Those with cool undertones have bluish veins on their arms, while those with warm undertones have greenish veins on their wrists. You may also take this short quiz to determine your skin undertone.

  2. Patronize affordable makeup finds.

    Since you're just at the beginning of your makeup journey, don't be pressured to buy expensive products yet. If you look hard enough, there are a lot of high-quality affordable finds that cost below P500. You may check's extensive guide to budget beauty essentials before building your own kikay kit.

  3. Invest in makeup tools and sponges.

    Makeup tools and sponges contribute a lot to how excellent your MOTD looks. For example, a poorly made brush has loose bristles that won't evenly distribute the product on your face. On the other hand, a well-made makeup brush will create a flawless finish. Save this list for future reference:

    - Face brush - powder complexion products

    - Angled blush brush - blush, contour

    - Fluffy eyeshadow brush - eyeshadow blending

    - Dome eyeshadow brush - eyeshadow application

    - Small, flat angled brush - eyebrow and eyeliner

    - Egg-shaped sponge - concealer and liquid/cream complexion products

    For complete information on makeup brushes and sponges, check out our guides here and here

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  4. Find the right foundation shade and formula.

    Keep in mind to use a base that is an exact shade match to your skin tone. It should suit your skin type, too. If you're having a hard time deciding which formula to get (powder, liquid, or cream), ask yourself these questions first. As for getting one in the correct shade, we highly suggest that you ask the help of a makeup artist or salesperson to assess which foundation is the perfect match for your complexion. But if you prefer to take things in your own hands, swipe the product near the jawline and observe if it will disappear, aka blend into your skin—that's The One for you.

  5. Explore colors that will suit your skin tone.

    We're all for experimentation—if you want to sport rainbow-colored looks, feel free to do so! But if you're just at the beginning of your makeup journey, play it safe with neutrals first when it comes to eyeshadows. As for lipsticks, MLBBs, or those with a dusty rose hue, look good on anyone. The blush department is quite tricky, so here's a guide discussing the best pink shade for every skin tone and another list about morena-approved blushes.

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  6. Collect basic makeup products.

    Like what we've mentioned earlier, you must build your makeup kit with the essentials. Here's a list you can refer to:

    - Primer - to keep your foundation in place and to perfect your complexion


    - Foundation - refer to tip #4

    - Concealer - to cover blemishes

    - Face powder - to set the makeup

    - Blush - to help you score a rosy flush

    - Highlighter - an essential to get a "fresh lang" glow

    - Neutral-colored eyeshadow - to define your eyes. Here's a guide on how to apply it.

    - Mascara - a waterproof one is the best choice

    - Eyebrow pencil - Kilay is life!

    - MLBB lipstick - MLBB stands for my-lips-but-better, aka a shade close to your natural lip that brightens your complexion.

    - Nude lipstick - a no-fail shade that looks good with any MOTD

    - Bold lipstick (red, berry, orange, pink) - to use on special occasions or when your MOTD needs extra impact 

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  7. Watch tutorials.

    Learn how to put on makeup by yourself by watching YouTube tutorials. Mimic how the beauty gurus stroke the brush and take note of their tips. We recommend viewing the quick get-ready-with-me routines of Tanya Burr and Anne Clutz.


    My Quick & Easy Morning Routine
    Basic Makeup Routine

  8. Enroll in a makeup class.

    If you really, really, really want to learn makeup application, enroll in a class. Hands-on training and immersion will surely improve your skills. Suesh holds a Basic Makeup Workshop for a P1,500 fee. Click here for more details.

  9. Practice, practice, practice!

    The only—we repeat—the only way to learn makeup application is by practicing it often. On weekends or on your free time, prepare your makeup tools and products, get a mirror, and watch a tutorial. Copy what the YT guru does. Who knows? Maybe after three tries, you'll ace the no-makeup look!

  10. Don't forget to take care of your skin, too.

    Never forget to take off makeup before going to bed. Dirt, product residue, and oil when mixed can trigger breakouts. Turn to cleansing oils and makeup wipes to remove the layer of products on your face. Follow it up with a facial wash for a thorough cleanse.


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