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3 Cat Eye Alternatives If You Want To Try Something New

Eyeliner trends for gutsy beauty girls.

Whether you use dental floss, scotch tape, or a spoon to perfect your cat eye, doing the same eyeliner look every day can get boring and might leave you in a beauty rut. But don't worrywe've got three fun and artsy eyeliner trends that will transform your summer look!

"No Eyeliner" Eyeliner 

Also called the floating liner or invisible liner, "no eyeliner" is the new take on the negative space eyeliner look. According to Allure, it "looks like someone Photoshopped out the black winged liner from a typical Instagram-worthy look." Who knew rocking naked eyeliner would look this fierce and chic?

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Dots are HOT right now thanks to this '60s-inspired eyeliner trend. Pointillism, known to most as an art technique, is apparently also a makeup technique that gives the eyes major *oomph* without overwhelming it. Adding a large dot under your lower lashline (it looks great in different colors, BTW) instantly makes your peepers bigger and brighter. 

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Forget about your top lids this summer, because it's all about what's below ityour lower lashline. Whether you want to go in with some crazy bright colors or opt for the classic Egyptian-inspired vibe, this trend is FOOLPROOF. You don't really need a steady hand to make this look beautiful, because the messier it is, the better! Just make sure that the product you're using is smudgeproof or waterproof, because you don't want anything melting down your face!

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