These Products Are Perfect For Cat-Eye Beginners

Draw that feline flick like a pro, even with shaky hands!
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A perfect winged liner calls for steady hands and a pro makeup skill level. Well, those days are over because we found nifty tools that can help anybody, and we mean anybody, to draw a feline flick without the mess. 

1. Dip a micro-tip cotton bud in makeup remover to erase overly drawn lines.

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Nippon Micro Precision Tips, P60 for P25 pieces,

2. Don’t worry about exaggerated thick lines or wrongly placed flicks. This eraser pen’s tip is small enough to remove even the tiniest mistakes.

Happy Skin Pretty Clean Instant Makeup Eraser, P499, Glorietta

3. This clever eyeliner stamp can help you make a perfect cat-eye with the least amount of effort and skill.

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Hello Gorgeous Feline Cat Eyeliner Stamp, P250,

4. This brush-tipped eyeliner’s flexibility allows wobbly hands to take control of every stroke.

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K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24Hr, P795, Beauty Bar

5. While it's true that a gel liner is the best tool to create a cat-eye, it can be difficult to use. Thankfully, we found this pencil that gives a gel-like finish and is user-friendly, too!

Clio GelPresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner, P620, Trinoma

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