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You Have To Try This Viral TikTok Acne-Concealing Makeup Hack

You only need three products!
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There are two things being in lockdown has given us. Number one is an unhealthy TikTok addiction (list of all the beauty accounts you need to follow here) and number two is a face that's breaking out on the daily (help with that here).

By some stroke of luck, these two things have combined and resulted in the ultimate hack which we will be testing immediately.

@MikayLanogueira is the one we have to thank after she shared the three products she uses to conceal her acne.

In her own words, makeup artist Mikayla says that by using her method, she's been able to "trick people" into thinking she "has no acne at all."

First, she uses Exuviance's Radiance Serum. "This stuff is sticky as hell and that's what you need for your foundation to stick."

Mikayla follows the serum with Milk Makeup's Hydro Grip Primer. "This stuff is the bomb."

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After prepping her skin, she covers her spots with the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer.

"Apply the serum, then apply the primer. Take your concealer brush with the concealer and cover up all your acne. Now, this is the most important part: Once you have the concealer on, don't touch it, don't blend it. Leave it alone for two minutes and then apply your foundation."

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Although there was nothing wrong with Mikayla's skin before, her transformation is shocking and with 2.2 million likes so far, it seems people cannot get enough.

"The fact that not only can I not see the redness, but I also can't see the texture," wrote one person. "I was not prepared for the final product, it's, like, flawless," wrote another.


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Her skin looked AIRBRUSHED. Okay, we're obsessed. BRB, we're going to try it out!


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