How To Conceal Acne Marks Without Using A Lot Of Makeup

You don't have to apply your products like a mask.
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First things first: We would like to remind you that acne is nothing to be ashamed of. It's natural to have zits and everyone else gets it, too. If you, however, aren't comfortable having them on display in public, you can use makeup to camouflage them and make you feel more confident.

Our natural instinct when using makeup to cover up pimples is to apply the products like a mask, but this method will only result in a cakey look. Plus, you'll just emphasize the blemishes even more and make them worse. Luckily for us, beauty YouTuber Denitslava Makeup created a video on how to properly conceal your blemishes while still looking natural. Read on for her top tips:

  1. Put primer on your problem areas.

    Place some over your blemishes to help your foundation and concealer go on smoother.

  2. Apply minimal foundation.

    Foundation is meant to even out your skin tone, so refrain from applying it like a mask. This will only appear unnatural and cakey. Just layer concealer over the blemishes for added coverage.

  3. Use a cream concealer.

    When choosing a concealer, go for a cream formula as opposed to a liquid one. Cream has a thicker formula and offers more coverage. Dab it on the areas using your finger instead of a brush or sponge. This, according to Denitslava, lets you maximize the full potential of your concealer—a makeup tool sometimes absorbs the product. Sayang naman!

     Cover Pot Concealer, P1,300, Sephora

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  4. Set your base products using a powder foundation.

    After camouflaging your problem areas, set your makeup with a powder foundation for added coverage. Use tapping motions, as opposed to swiping, because doing the latter will move around the layered base products you've worked so hard to blend earlier.

    Vice Cosmetics Duo Finish Foundation, P245, Lazada

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  5. Skip the highlighter.

    It might be best to let go of your highlighter first if your blemishes happen to be on the areas where you would normally apply it, such as on your cheekbones. The light reflects off of the area, so it will exaggerate the texture of your skin and make your pimples even more visible.

  6. Spritz some setting spray on your face.

    To take away the "powdery" look and give you a more skin-like finish, spritz on some setting spray. This will also help bring back the glow that makes up for your highlighter-free face.

    Luxe Organix Makeup Setting Spray Beauty Mist by Anne Clutz, P379, Lazada

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Watch Denitslava's full makeup tutorial here:

How To Cover Acne and Blemishes (EASY & NON-CAKEY)

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