This Is How You Draw A Winged Liner If You Have Hooded Eyes

It's super simple!
PHOTO: (left) youtube/itsalissaweekly; (right) instagram/twigmakeup

I know I'm gonna have a good day when I perfect my winged liner. It's so fun to do, and you can experiment with different types of eyeliners like gel, liquid, colored, glitter, and so much more! Cat eyes are also very customizable, too. You can play around with the thickness and the length of the actual wing—from "sweet lang" to "sharp enough to cut a man."

However, a dilemma I constantly face every time I pick up my trusty liquid liner and *attempt* to create decent wings are my hooded eyes. You know how after you do an ~intricate~ eyeshadow look, you open your eyes to check it out in the mirror and find that the eyeshadow has seemingly disappeared? That's how you know you have hooded eyelids. They are defined as the "extra layer of skin that droops over the crease," and that extra layer of skin can make my already small Asian eyes appear even smaller. 

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With that problem, my mindset was always like, "Okay, I might as well not put on any eye makeup since it won't be seen anyway." However, the beauty junkie in me always wins over, and I still attempt to do a cat eye, change up my techniques, and just hope it's not going disappear like the last time, LOL.

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This has led me to watching countless Youtube videos on how to do a winged liner for my hooded lids. Several mistakes and makeup wipes later, I stumbled upon this video by Youtuber Alissa Ashley. She's a popular beauty guru who posts tutorials on hooded eyes. (Finally, some representation!)

She uploaded a video titled "How To: Winged Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes" and it changed the way I do my cat eye. 

Her trick is to look straight ahead in the mirror (when our normal instinct when creating a cat eye is to close it in order to draw the wing). It also involves plotting tiny dots and lines, and connecting them all together to create a wing. It's honestly life-changing. Watch the full video here:

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