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The French Tip Manicure Is Back And Better Than Ever

BRB, going to the nail salon!
PHOTO: (LEFT)Instagram/joymanicure, (RIGHT) INstagram/paintboxnails

Do you still remember when almost everyone back in the '90s until the early 2000s wore the French Tip manicure? Having a thick (or thin) white strip on each nail was all the rage back then. Almost every bride had a French Tip mani on her wedding day. Women who work in offices with strict dress codes got this manicure, too.

Today, we're seeing French Tip manis again, but the 2019 version is more fun and ~colorful~! Pastel, bright, and dark hues put a fresh spin to the tbh, quite boring manicure.

Here are the cooler versions of the French Tip, aka your new nail art pegs!

  1. Sorbet and abstract

    Instead of following the tip's shape, pastel lacquer is diagonally painted on each nail.

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  2. Up and down

    Try something new: Brush thin strips of color on the top and bottom of each nail.

  3. Ombré

    If you love the classic French mani, try this: White ombré polish on the tips that gradually fades into pale pink.

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  4. Metallic chic

    Lavender foil gives this mani electric vibes.

  5. Neon

    Flashy and glossy—what's not to like?

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  6. Monogrammed

    Add a personal touch to your French mani by including your initials.

  7. Crystal bling

    Dip your tips in real Swarovski crystals—faaancy!

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  8. Moon mani

    Okay, this is officially our Halloween manicure.

  9. Seeing double

    Because two is better than one. ;)

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  10. Rainbow

    We're always in the mood for ROYGBIV.

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