15 Nude Manicure Ideas That Aren't Boring At All

Classic but never basic.
PHOTO: Instagram: nailsbyanamae; paintbucketnails

You'll never perceive nude nail polish as a safe, boring color again after seeing these design ideas. You see, the skin-tone hue acts as a perfect canvas for playful nail art or elegant embellishments. Plus, these manicures can be worn at weddings, parties, or at work. They're classics!

Ahead, the manicure inspo you'll be needing the next time you visit the nail salon.

  1. Pale nude base + gold star decal

  2. Nude base + micro glitter polish

  3. Nude to espresso brown gradient mani

  4. Pink-nude base + pink-nude glitter accent nails

  5. Bare buffed nails + silver polka dots

  6. Nude + peach polish

  7. Sheer nude nail polish + jewel stick-ons

  8. Peachy nude base + half moon negative space manicure

  9. Sheer glossy polish + chunky rainbow glitter

  10. Pink-nude + tiny pearls

  11. Nude French Tip

  12. Carnation pink to nude ombré nails

  13. Milky nude + gold glitter

  14. Nude + juicy orange half moon mani

  15. Nude + pink and purple polka dots

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