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10 Red Nail Polish Ideas—With A Twist!

These nails are far from the classic reds your mom used to wear.
PHOTO: (left) instagram/yvonne.pollard3; (right) instagram/__ongleriechezsandy__

Everyone has a go-to shade for their nails, and if you've been stuck with nudes, pinks, or black polish forever, it's time to mix things up a bit. Why not paint your digits a crimson hue for a change? While you're at it, throw in some glitter or tiger stripes for good measure. Red nails are bold and never boring, and have the same power as swiping on a scarlet lippie.

We rounded up 10 of the most gorgeous red nail art ideas for your next mani:

  1. Simple red manicure with crystals

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  2. Red textured nails

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  3. Glittery dark red nails

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  4. White-and-red hearts

  5. Red with tiger stripes

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  6. Christmas-themed crimson nails

  7. Plain red with sparkle accents

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  8. Nude with red crystals

  9. Red and gold

  10. Red-and-nude with embellishments

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