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How To Smile Naturally, So You Can Look More Photogenic

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/deniseochoa, (RIGHT) Instagram/mikkamarcaida

The first step into looking more photogenic is by having a natural smile. But, scoring the prettiest smile takes a lot of practice and ~internalization~ if you aren't sanay. 1) When you're dyahe posing in front of the camera, it shows on your face (read: awkward emotions = awkward smile). It's normal to be self-conscious, especially when you're in public. 2) You sometimes go overboard and show all of your pearly whites at once. This leads to a stiff, OA grin that can be sometimes cute—sometimes.

To help you smile for photographs with ease, we rounded up the best tips below. Practice these in front of the mirror or take your phone's cam so you can "examine" your pics afterward. We promise, your Insta-game will be so much better after studying these poses.

  1. How to smile: The subtle smile

    Bring your tongue to the roof of the mouth and brighten your eyes. Then, raise the corner of your lips to create a subtle smile.

    How to smile: Kathryn Bernardo's sweet smile

  2. How to smile: Big smile

    Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth (by now, you'll know that this is a key smiling technique), smile with your eyes and lips, slightly parting your mouth to show your upper teeth.

    How to smile: Alexa Ilacad's big smile

  3. How to smile: The smize

    Tyra Banks coined the term "smize," which models do all the time. Here's how to pull it off: Relax your shoulders, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Squint your eyes a little to look seductive and smile with your lips pursed together. This requires a lot of practice, but once you've perfected it, you can nail every photo of yourself for life.

    How to smile: Kelsey Merritt's smize
    Cameron Hammond via Instagram/kelseymerritt
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  4. How to smile: The pout

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are so fond of this facial expression. To pout without looking awkward, they revealed that you should whisper the word "prune" while posing. "Pr" purses the lips while "oon" relaxes the mouth. Pretty genius, right?

    How to smile for photos: Nadine Lustre's pout
  5. How to smile: Slightly parted lips

    Celebs have mastered this trick so well! Squint your eyes or do a strong gaze and slightly part your lips. Angle your face to make your jawline look more defined. 

    How to smile like a model and celebrity: Slightly parted lips

    How to smile like a model and celebrity: Slightly parted lips

  6. How to smile: Don't say "cheese."

    The common misconception is that we have to scream "cheese" to get the perfect smile. The long E sound creates a super-stretched out grin that doesn't look natural on photos. What you can say instead is "money"—Hollywood celebs swear by this trick!

    How to smile like a model and celebrity: Maine Mendoza's smile

  7. How to smile: Master smiles based on different emotions.

    Whatever you're thinking and feeling affect how you look like in pictures. To ensure that you'll ace every photo, have a smile based on the following emotions: Joy, excitement, playfulness, sexiness, and confidence. When you've practiced different versions of your smile, it will always be easy for you to pose in front of the camera.

    How to smile like a model and celebrity: Elisse Joson's different smiles

  8. How to smile: Ask your photographer to make you laugh.

    If you're having a hard time creating a natural smile, ask for help from someone else! Maybe your photographer can remind you of a funny memory or tell a good joke. A natural laugh is better than a staged one.

    How to smile like a model and celebrity: Lovi Poe's laughing smile

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