The 'Shmile' Is The Instagram Pose You're Seeing Everywhere

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/kianavee, (RIGHT) Instagram/vivoree

The "smize" (smiling with your eyes, obviously) is as known as Instagram itself. But there's a new social media pose on the block: the "shmile!" Coined by Daily Mail, influencers are flooding timelines with the pose, which sees them smiling at the camera with their eyes closedhence the shut-eye-smile abbreviation.

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And while the pose is not exactly be new, the word is—and is definitely a trend that is flooding Instagram feeds regardless of how long it's been around. See exhibits A, B and C (and D!):

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This isn't the first pose to sweep through influencers on Instagramfirst came the towel wrap pose, followed by the bambi, and then Barbie feet.

"Dubbed the 'shmile'short for shut eye smileit's the act of lightly closing your eyes and pulling a cheeky, wide-toothed grin, instantly evening out the lines around the side of your face", MailOnline wrote. "It conveys a carefree, down-to-earth air, hence its popularity."

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Whatever the reason for its popularity, it looks cute.


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