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Trust Us: You're About To See These Tattoo Trends ~*Everywhere*~ In 2022

The minimalism trend won't be dying down anytime soon!
2022 Tattoo Trends
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With 2022 just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to the "new year, new me" energy that comes with welcoming the new year. Looking for a more ~permanent~ approach to this? We recommend getting a tattoo!

If you're still in the dark with what kind of design you want, you can rely on trends forecasted by experts to help you narrow down your options. We decided to reach out to Kenneth Abad, a professional tattoo artist at 55tinta, to share with us what he thinks will be *big* in 2022 for body art. Read on to learn more:

5 Tattoo Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2022

1. Tiny tattoos

Small, minimalist tattoos were a hit in 2021, and they'll continue to do well in the upcoming year! We can see why people still gravitate towards tiny body art—they're easy to hide, plus they let you have the ~experience~ of getting a tattoo without the pain that comes with larger and more detailed designs.

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2. Fine line tattoos

If you're someone who wants to get inked but you have low pain tolerance, consider getting a fine line tattoo. They are super thin and precision-based designs that are *very* popular for a number of reasons: They require little to no shading, which means less ~suffering~ in the chair!

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3. Quotable quotes

According to Kenneth, being in the pandemic for the past two years has brought out the *resiliency* in us. "People would love to commemorate that by getting a tattoo of a quote that will remind them of the struggles they've been through," he shared. If you need a no-fail tattoo design, choosing your favorite motivational quote is a sure win.

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4. Symbol tattoo designs

Symbols as tattoo designs are still a favorite, according to Kenneth. Of course, this is very broad, so it can be anything you want, as long as it holds a special meaning for you. As for us, we're a big fan of zodiac sign tattoos because they're very *personal* and they can be presented in many different ways—from your sign's constellation, to even your birth month flower. (P.S. Check out which design you should try, based on your sign!)

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5. Blackwork tattoos

Last but not the least, Kenneth said that ~traditional~ blackwork tattoos will also become a big trend in 2022. According to him, their simplicity with its bold lines gives it that in-your-face yet subtle approach that makes them a hit among younger people and old-school folks.

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