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10 *Tiny* Side Wrist Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Low-Key Ink

They're easier to hide!
side wrist tattoo ideas and designs
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When it comes to tattoo placements, the wrist is a ~prime~ spot for ink. Even if it's a small area, it doesn't have any obstructions—you don't have to worry about your tattoo looking weird if you bend your wrist. It's also fairly hidden, which is a plus for people who study or work in places that don't allow visible body art.

You have two choices: You can have your tattoo placed on the inner wrist (aka the flat part of your arm) or on the side. For today's article, we'll be covering side wrist tattoos. We'll be discussing pain levels (something we all wanna know, TBH), the best kinds of designs for this area, and of course, some inspo pics for your viewing pleasure. Keep on scrolling to learn more:

How much does a side wrist tattoo hurt?

Let us preface this by saying that pain is subjective and that everyone's tolerance levels are different. That said, people reported that a side wrist tattoo hurts a lot more than just your regular inner wrist ink. Since it's a bonier area, there isn't much cushion (read: skin) to protect you, so you will most definitely be able to feel the scratching of the needle. (Check out our in-depth pain chart here!)


Our only consolation is that designs in this area are usually small, so it'll be over before you know it!

What are the best kinds of designs for a side wrist tattoo?

There are certain kinds of designs that work *better* with the linear position of the side wrist. These include roman numerals, flowing script, flowers, lines, and dots. But of course, it will still depend on your preference! Make sure to ask your tattoo artist about the design you have in mind to see if it will work well on the side of your wrist.

What are the best side wrist tattoo designs to try?

Here comes the fun part: Inspo pics! Make sure to screenshot the designs you like. ;)

1. Space babies will love this tattoo design that combines the sun and moon.

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2. Keep a piece of the beach everywhere you go by getting a mini palm tree tattooed on you.

3. Flowers are great for your side wrist due to their linear design.


4. Puzzle pieces are perfect if you want to have matching tattoos with your best friend, sibling, or significant other!

5. This tiny cross is simple but impactful.


6. Butterflies represent change, hope, and positivity—things we definitely need RN.

7. Stars are your best bet if you want a cute but minimalist design.


8. A semicolon tattoo is usually used as a message of solidarity against suicide and depression.

9. Get this design if you want to show that you really, really keep your promises.


10. Convince your barkada to get matching tattoos by showing them this pic, LOL!

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