7 Summer Bronzed Beauty Must-Haves

Columnist Bianca shares the essentials every (aspiring) tanned babe should invest in this summer.

If we are to base it on the most popular products in the market (whitening), Filipinas, in general, prefer fair, whitest of white skin. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment with your looks just for summer.

Women with darker skin tones should take advantage of the season's beauty offerings, as they can turn you into a bronzed goddess on a whim, without the fear of sun damage!

Those with fairer skin, on the other hand, don't need to sacrifice their skin's luminosity, should they wish to give their appearance a temporary deeper glow. Here are top beauty picks and tricks for those who want to rock the bronzed look this summer:

1. Tanned, bronzed skin can instantly make you look slimmer, more toned, and sexier, with exotic appeal. Not only is it flattering on bright makeup and clothing, it can also allow you to experiment with your look without investing in a whole new wardrobe or doing anything drastic! Try a washable mousse self-tanner minus the sunburn or orange-y finish, like ModelCo One Night Tan.

2. Nothing is sexier than smooth, soft, and flawless skin that's cellulite-free! So as you would your face, always exfoliate prior to any self-tanner or makeup application. Go all-natural and feel yummy afterwards with Bare Naturals Caffe Cubano Body Scrub.

3. There's never any excuse NOT to wear sunscreen! Summer in tropical Manila is nearly all-year-round, so apply sunscreen not just on your face but also on all exposed skin: your hands when driving, feet when wearing sandals, lips (to prevent drying), and the neck, knees, and elbows (to avoid darkening). Go for a lightweight formula that's high in SPF, like Skin Within Sun Defend & Restore SPF45+.

4. The best way to look made-up in the summer heat (without feeling like you're wearing a mask) is by using an oil-free tinted moisturizer that's hyper-charged with skin benefits while concealing flaws. A must-try is Colour Collection Gluta Whitening BB Cream SPF27.

5. Now is the perfect time to experiment with eyeshadow colors! Purple shades are actually most flattering on yellow Asian undertones. Just balance out the look with a warm nude lip color (see item number 6 below). L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro in Icy Purple is a great pick!

6. Helping local livelihood while staying on a tight budget is always a great way to feel good inside and out! Keep your puckers soft and hydrated with a warm neutral lip color that matches every skin tone, like Human Heart Nature Lipstick in Sweet Nectar.

7. If you wish to look like you're blushing from within, go for a quick run for a flushed effect! Not your thing? Fake the gleeful face with a cream blush instead of powder to avoid caking in high temperatures. There's Etude House Cream Choux Blush in Miss Peach to get the job done!

Get your bronze on and we'll see you at the beach! Check out the gallery to see photos and prices of the products mentioned here.

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