Why You Should Take Care Of Your Neck And Chest

They're often the first places to show signs of aging!

Most of us have been cleansing and moisturizing since we were in high school but how many pay attention to our chest? The skin on the décolletage is very fragile as it produces less oil than the face, but also often receives more sun exposure. Forgetting to apply SPF and neglecting to nourish it can result in premature ageing quicker than you'd imagine. Here's why and how to care for your neckline TODAY.

1. The neckline is often one of the first places to show signs of aging.

"The majority of sun damage is done in childhood/teens/early adult in the décolletage area," Dr Philippa Lowe Skin Specialist at the Cranley Clinic explains. The skin around your chest and neck is very thin; it contains less sebaceous glands and limited melanocytes (cells that give color to your skin and protect it from UV rays)so damage is more easily done.

2. Skipping SPF is irreversible.

Your chest area is one of the most UV exposed areas of the body and therefore suffers harsh sun damage when exposed over time. To combat this be sure to wear broad spectrum sunscreen when your neck or chest is uncovered. This is a must even in cloudy weatherthose rays will still be damaging you.

3. An SPF foundation is not enough, though.

Tom Ogden, EU Business Manager at Alpha-H explains, "The most important product to recommend is daily SPF protection. A lot of women rely on foundation to provide protection, but they're not blending it down onto their neck in sufficient amounts to block damaging UVA rays." You've been warned.

4. "Sleep wrinkles" are a thing (and can show on your chest).

Side sleeper? Apparently curling up on your side can also speed up chest wrinkles and have a sagging effect. Try to get off to sleep when lying on your back.

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5. Most of us forget to cleanse that area properly.

Clarisonic Training Manager, Jeanette Nexgaard suggests cleaning the neckline properly to buff away the build-up of dead skin cells and pores that are blocked with dirt (eww). "My best tip is to treat your décolleté like you treat your face." Get cleansing.

6. The special skin there has special needs.

The skin of the décolletage has some unique attributes that require special care Rebecca Booth, M.D. founder of VENeffect Anti-Aging Skin Care told us. "It is a high histamine response area, and thus red flushing can occur, so it is important to choose a skin care product that is free of fragrance."

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