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Anna Cay's Secret For A Smooth Foundation Application Is ~Face Shaving~

So that's why her makeup always looks so flawless!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/annacay, (RIGHT) Youtube/Anna Cay

Shaving your face can benefit your skin in a variety of ways—just ask Anna Cay! In her latest video, she commended the facial hair removal method as one of the best ways she gets her foundation to look flawless every time (the others being a good skincare routine, proper skin prepping, and using a damp makeup sponge). 

She said she started shaving her face around 2010 to 2011, and experienced it for the first time at a dermatologist’s clinic. When she applied her foundation the day after her derma visit, she realized: "Sobrang kinis talaga." Since then, she’s been shaving her face every other month!

Ready to try it for yourself? See the best face shaving tips we learned from Anna:

  1. Use an *eyebrow* razor.

    Because the strands on your face are very fine, a normal razor would be too tough on your skin and could increase your chances of cutting yourself. The best tool to use for face shaving? An eyebrow razor! Anna's razor is actually larger than the typical eyebrow razor, but she likes it that way because she's able to shave her face quicker.

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  2. Always clean your skin first.

    Anna recommends shaving clean skin. If you apply your skincare products and then shave, you could end up taking the products off instead of your facial hair. 

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  3. Be super gentle.

    Using short, soft strokes is key here! You're brushing a sharp object against your face, so shaving this area should be done with a *light* hand. Downward strokes are also recommended to prevent ingrown hairs.

  4. Apply toner after.

    A toner is a great way to soothe your skin and minimize redness after you finish shaving. Anna also likes how the soaked cotton pad absorbs any leftover strands that got stuck on her skin.

Check out Anna's complete video here to see all the steps she does when shaving her face!

Anna Cay shares how shaving her face results in a smooth foundation application every time.

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