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Anna Cay's 'Glass Skin' Tips Are Perfect For People With Oily Skin

PHOTO: Instagram/annacay

As beautiful as the "Glass Skin" trend looks, it's not exactly something oily-skinned peeps are dying to try. Why add extra dew when you're complexion is already shiny AF on its own, right? But YouTuber Anna Cay has the solution! In her latest video, she shares how she makes the radiant and glossy look work for her skin type. Here are the best tips we picked up:

  1. Prep skin with a lightweight moisturizer.

    This step will make your complexion look fresher and more awake. A light moisturizer, like the ampoule Anna used, will give you a dewy, not oily finish.

  2. Don't forget sunscreen!

    Of course, if you're going out during the day, make sure your sunscreen has an SPF of at least 30. Having a hard time finding a non-sticky SPF? We have a ton of options for you here!

  3. Use a sheer makeup base.

    Whether it's a BB cream, a tinted moisturizer, or a cushion foundation, the key to a chok chok complexion is a light and breathable makeup base. As Anna says, "You're not masking your skin, you're just enhancing it."

  4. Go in with concealer to cover dark circles and blemishes.

    For those who want to brighten the under eye area and cover a few blemishes, now's the time to do it. Apply a liquid concealer for a weightless and natural-looking finish.

  5. Set it with powder.

    Aside from setting your concealer, if you applied any, this step will also allow you to mattify any areas you normally get oily such as your nose, your forehead, and your chin.

  6. Dab cream blush for a natural flush.

    While Anna likes to use a cream blush because it adheres to the skin more naturally, you may try a cheek tint instead. When applying, you can either gently dab the product on the apples of your cheeks or extend it to your nose à la drunk blush!

  7. Use a facial mist to bring the glow back to your skin.

    Don't worry, this won't make your skin slick. However, if you're worried about it "speeding up" the process of melting your makeup, you can just spritz a makeup setting spray instead.

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Watch Anna’s video below if you want to also know the exact products she used!

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