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Beauty in a Bottle: 8 Oils for the Skin

These all-around oils deserve a slot in your kikay routine, stat.

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the face take up so much time in the morning and now we have to put on oil, too?


But don't fret. Beauty oils, despite their reputation for being greasy, are surprisingly lightweight and deliver superior skin benefits. They purge the skin of excess sebum (we swear!), unclog large pores, and give you a gorgeous glow that'll last you the whole day.

Best of all, they happen to be amazing at multitasking: They moisturize the skin, and act as a shield against environmental stressors (too much tanning, yes?) which can cause premature aging.

Sure, you can never buy beauty, but these luxurious liquids do come pretty close. Ready to get gorgeous? View our gallery now!


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