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Beauty Tips: 6 Secrets To Smoother, Softer Skin All Over

Is the hot temperature and unpredictable weather drying out your once-smooth skin? Read on for Bianca Valerio's tips on regaining your skin's suppleness.

In the quest for the softest, smoothest skin possible, we often find ourselves swamped with products. Regardless of how affordably priced they may be, the point is that they add up. Unfinished jars, tubes, bottles, and other types of product containers end up scattered around our rooms, in our kikay kits, cars, boyfriends' cars, and so on.

But, little did you know that smoother skin is not necessarily achieved just through the products you buy. It also boils down to what you practice in your daily skin care regimen. Here are the six basics.

1. Skip Soap

True, soap gets rid of perspiration, dirt, and grime, but it also strips your skin of its natural mosture! So, opt for non-soap formulations when you pick up a facial wash or body bar.

2. Exfoliate

No matter how much product you use on your skin, it will not be as effective if you apply it on accumulated layers of dead skin. So, before you apply moisturizer or use body wash, do exfoliate! This ensures that the product is applied on a fresh layer of skin, for better absorption and faster, beneficial results!

3. Tub Of Oil

If you have the chance to enjoy a warm, pore-opening soak in a bath tub (hint: be sure to shower first so you won't have your own grime/oils floating in the bath water), add as little as four tablespoons of regular baby oil or body oil of your choice in running water to emulsify. After just 10 minutes of relaxing in that warm bath, you'll enjoy amazingly soft skin for days! Don't forget to get a final cold rinse to close up the pores!

4. Sock It

Our feet are the most externally abused parts of our bodies, as a result of all the walking and standing we do in heels and tight shoes daily. Pamper yours with spa-like results by slathering a rich emollient cream or petroleum jelly all over them and insulating them with a pair of socks (even old ones will do) before you sleep. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you wake up to undeniably soft feet!

5. Massage To Invigorate

We all love a good massage to de-stress our bodies and get our blood flowing. Well, doesn't it make sense to do the same to our face? Expensive creams are useless if you just apply them on your face and neck and leave them to be absorbed. The key is to massage and invigorate the product on the skin until it's been fully absorbed. Just like exfoliating, this brings about faster results for whatever skin issues you may have.

6. Patience Is Key To Fabulosity

You reap what you sow, and good things come to those who wait, as they say. Apply that philosophy to you skin care products! Realistically, it takes anywhere between two weeks and six months to really see favorable results. These all depend on your age, skin condition, diligence, and proper usage.

There is no magic wand to softer, smoother skin; the results lie in your hands!

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