28 Super Cute Matching Tattoos You Need To Get With Your Best Friend

Friends that get inked together, stay together.
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Ok, those BFF necklaces you bought in grade school were cute, but if you and your ride-or-die are looking to step up your game, it might be time to consider a matching best friend tattoo. Yes, tattoos are permanent, but when they're as sweet as one of the 28 BFF tattoo ideas, below, you definitely won't have any regrets. Ahead, the prettiest tattoo designs you and your best friend should add to your mood board ASAP.

  1. Script Best Friend Tattoos

    Make these matching tattoos even more personal by giving your tattoo artist a copy of you and your BFF's handwriting.

  2. Moon and Sun Best Friend Tattoos

    Feel free to get creative when placing your best friend tattoos—they don't need to be in identical spots, like this moon-and-sun combo.

  3. Long Distance Best Friend Tattoos

    Got a long-distance relationship with your best friend? This "no matter where" tattoo is the perfect way commemorate your friendship.

  4. Myrtle Best Friend Tattoos

    This super-subtle design is perfect for best friends who are looking for something cute and minimalist.

  5. Butterfly Best Friend Tattoos

    Sure, butterfly tattoos might seem a little cheesy, but there's something so pretty about this colorful design (especially when it matches your best friend's).

  6. Heartbeat Best Friend Tattoos

    This classic pulse line tattoo is made extra special with a mini heart.

  7. Carnation Best Friend Tattoos

    The soft-purple ink takes this best friend tattoo to the next level.

  8. Avocado Best Friend Tattoos

    Is there literally anything cuter than these little avocado best friend tattoos?! The tiny heart above each avocado adds the sweetest touch.

  9. Rose Best Friend Tattoos

    This best friend tattoo is equal parts classic and cool, thanks to the vine detailing underneath each flower.

  10. Sunflower Best Friend Tattoos

    Even if you and your best friend decide to get matching tattoos, you don't need to choose identical designs. This sunflower tat is a great way to hit both of your aesthetics.

  11. Rock On Best Friend Tattoos

    When you and your best friend both love rock 'n' roll, you get this tattoo on your ankle.

  12. Initials Best Friend Tattoos

    Follow Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne's lead by opting for matching initial tattoos. The models chose the letter "D" for Dunn and Delevingne.

  13. Space Best Friend Tattoos

    This galaxy best friend tattoo is perfect for groups of three (or even four).

  14. Triangle Best Friend Tattoos

    These earth and water tats are the perfect way to show off you and your best friend's different personalities (but they still look harmonious AF).

  15. Pinky-Promise Best Friend Tattoos

    Sure, pinky promises are supposed to last forever, but this sweet best friend tattoo really takes it to the next level.

  16. Lotus Best Friend Tattoos

    Matching tattoos definitely don't need to be in the same place—this mini lotus design is perfect for your wrist or ankle.

  17. Fish Best Friend Tattoos

    This unique design looks like two fish swimming in a circle when you and your best friend pose next to each other.

  18. Finger Best Friend Tattoos

    If you and your best friend are inspired by those crazy-pretty finger tattoos you keep seeing on your Instagram feeds, consider this classic rose design.

  19. Cactus Best Friend Tattoos

    Okay, your friendship is clearly anything but prickly, but these cacti tattoos are just so dang cute.

  20. Elephant Best Friend Tattoos

    Did you know elephants can form lasting friendships just like humans? This tattoo is perfect for friends who are in it for the long haul.

  21. Palm Tree Best Friend Tattoos

    Whether you're trying to remember that epic beach vacation from spring break, or you just like the warm-weather aesthetic, you and your best friend are going to cherish this palm tree tattoo forever.

  22. Sun, Moon, and Star Best Friend Tattoos

    Best friends don't always come in pairs—this sun, moon, and star design is so ideal for groups of three.

  23. Lavender Best Friend Tattoos

    Every time you smell lavender (or see a sprig of it), you'll think of your best friend and your matching tattoos.

  24. Dahlia Best Friend Tattoos

    If you and your best friend are obsessed with watercolor tattoos, this dahlia design is an excellent choice.

  25. Coordinates Best Friend Tattoos

    You don't even need the "Find my Friend" app when you have your BFF's location tattooed on your arm.

  26. Breakfast Best Friend Tattoos

    This breakfast-themed tattoo is perfect for best friends who spend more time at their local diner than in their bedrooms (ahem, Riverdale cast).

  27. Infinity Symbol Best Friend Tattoos

    Best friends are forever, right? This infinity tattoo will remind you of that.

  28. Ice Cream Best Friend Tattoos

    A genuine bond over ice cream cones is like no other, and this cute best friend tattoo is the perfect way to show it.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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