Want To Try Facial Oils? Here Are The Best Ones From Local Brands

Spoiler alert: People with oily skin need it too!
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Adding facial oils to your daily nighttime skincare routine is something that can be very daunting to some of us, especially those with oily skin. After all, why on earth would you apply more oil to an ~already~ oily face? Sounds a lot like oil slick city, am I right? But, the myth that people with oily skin aren't supposed to use facial oils has long been debunked.

ICYDK, facial oils are actually very beneficial for you as they are full of potent ingredients that are good for your skin. They are also good for shrinking enlarged pores, hydrating dry skin, reducing wrinkles, and some can work as a makeup primer, too.

So when exactly do you fit in a facial oil in your skincare routine? Short answer: It's the last step. Facial oils are occlusive, meaning they help in sealing in moisture and everything else that you just applied.

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Are you convinced to try facial oils yet? Here are the best locally-available facial oils in the market right now:

  1. V&M Naturals Emu Oil

    This cult favorite has glowing reviews from thousands of its users due to its ability to improve the condition of the skin. It can cure a variety of skin ailments, such as acne, allergies, dark spots, rough patches, and more. It's also a super fast penetrating oil, so your face won't feel greasy after application!

    V&M Naturals Emu Oil, P1,370, V&M Naturals

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  2. Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

    Arguably Human Nature's bestselling product, this miracle oil is enriched with vitamins A, D, and E. It can be used for a variety of skin needs—all over the body! Some of those include: brightening and softening underarms, evening out the complexion, relieve redness and itchiness from insect bites, soothing skin after shaving, and so much more! 

    Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil, P174.75, Humanheartnature

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  3. Sage and Tera DTF Complexion Oil

    This facial oil from indie brand Sage and Tera has a combination of three powerful oils, dandelion oil (high in vitamin C that helps in lightening acne marks), tamanu oil (promotes the formation of new skin tissues), and fig seed oil (high in vitamin E and best for anti-aging). Its lightweight formulation will ensure that your skin will easily absorb it. It's best for troubled, acne-prone skin.

    Sage and Tera DTF Complexion Oil, P465, Shopee

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  4. Beauty Bakery Miracle Elixir 100% Rosehip Oil

    Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A which greatly helps in cell turnover. It helps in evening out your skin tone by brightening and fading the dark spots and acne marks. This oil also helps in moisturizing dry and flaky skin. Since it's a very rich oil, you can mix it in with your fave moisturizer for maximum results!

    Beauty Bakery Miracle Elixir 100% Rosehip Oil, P399, BeautyMNL

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