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The Best And Worst Body Parts To Get Inked On, According To A Tattoo Artist

Plus, some things you need to consider before booking that appointment!
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Aside from the design of your tattoo, placement is also crucial. While you can technically get inked anywhere on your body, the proper placement is crucial for its longevity. Some of them can get stretched and warped over time, while others experience frequent movement that causes the ink to fade faster.

Since getting a tattoo can be ~pricey~, you want to make sure that your ink is going to look as good as it did when you got it done. To make sure that you're getting your money's worth, we decided to chat with Kenneth Abad, a tattoo artist at 55Tinta, to ask him about the best and worst body parts to get inked on. Read on to learn more:

What are some factors you need to consider in the placement of your tattoo?

Before you go ahead and book that appointment, here are some things you need to consider when thinking of your tattoo's final design and placement.

  1. Size

    "Think of your tattoo goals," Kenneth advised. "Don't get a small tattoo if you plan on getting a bigger one in the same area in the future." According to him, it may complicate your future tattoo plans and lead to cover-ups.

  2. Shape and style

    According to him, you need to find a good spot where the flow of your tattoo goes well with how that particular body part moves. "For example, if you choose to get a tattoo on your elbow or knee, go for a design with a circular pattern or flow. A good artist will know where to put the right tattoo," he noted. 

    If you're unsure whether or not your chosen tattoo design will work well on the body part you want, you can always ask your tattoo artist for advice. They can work with you on modifying your design or choosing a better area.

  3. Pain

    Whether we like it or not, pain will always be a factor when it comes to getting a tattoo. Kenneth's advice to his clients, however, is to prioritize good placement over whether or not a particular area might hurt more than others. "It's going to hurt, anyway, so you might as well have it done where it looks the best," he advised.

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Best Body Parts to Get Tattooed On

  1. Thighs (front or side)

    The sun is the number one cause of faded tattoos, especially colored ones. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it's best to get a tattoo on your thighs, since it's one of the more well-covered areas of your body. 

  2. Forearm

    For people with low pain tolerance, the forearm is a good spot to get inked on since it's one of the spots that don't hurt as much. More specifically, the outer forearm hurts less than the inner one, due to the radial nerve that runs through the latter. It's also a pretty big area, so you have more freedom with your chosen design. (Here are some cute minimalist forearm tattoo ideas for your viewing inspo!)

  3. Chest or pectoral region

    If you're planning on getting a tattoo in this area, we recommend getting it on your outer collarbone. Since it's usually covered up by shirts and tops, it's least likely to fade due to lessened sun exposure. It also doesn't stretch as you get older, making it an ideal spot for a tattoo.


Worst Body Parts to Get Tattooed On

  1. Ribs or abdominal part

    If you have low pain tolerance, it's advised not to get tattooed on your ribs since there is very little skin to act as a cushion from the bones. 

  2. Fingers

    Since we're constantly washing our hands, the pigment of finger tattoos tends to fade quicker. The skin on our fingers and hands also wears out quicker, making a not-so-ideal spot for ink. 


    If you do decide to go for a finger or hand tattoo, it's advisable to lather on the sunscreen to help its longevity.

  3. Neck

    Since the skin on the neck is quite thin, a tattoo on this area might not be the most comfortable experience. It's also an area that stretches often, so most artists opt to avoid this area altogether. If you do plan on getting inked on this spot, they recommend the sides of the neck as they are the least sensitive part.


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