The Blackheads On Your Nose May Actually Be Just Sebaceous Filaments

Here's how you can tell the difference between the two.
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Have you ever used a nose pore strip and felt instant relief the minute you ripped it off and saw a ton of blackheads on it? Well, we hate to break it to you, but those might just be sebaceous filaments. 

Both are types of clogged pores and are black, and these make it hard to tell them apart! To avoid confusion, here's how to tell the difference:

What are blackheads?

When dead skin and oil collect and oxidize inside your pore, they form a raised, dark bump—a non-inflamed type of acne called a blackhead. This can appear in oily places in your face and body, which are usually the nose, chest, and back.  [Via Healthline]

What are sebaceous filaments?

These are the *tiny* black dots that form a pattern on your nose, and unlike blackheads, you don't have to worry about these! According to Teen Vogue, they're "a natural occurring part of your skin's system designed to bring oil to the skin." If you attempt to squeeze sebaceous filaments out, they'll just keep coming back! 

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So what are you pulling out with a nose strip?

If you don't see any raised black bumps on your nose, then it's most likely that the sticky strip pulled out sebaceous filaments and tiny hairs—both of which will eventually come back. But if these dots bother you too much, we suggest that you use a chemical exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells and prevent sebum them from building up.

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